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  1. Comp 307
    Comp 307 rfh
    Call me 614-560-6767. Chuck
  2. Joey arrowsmith
  3. mike kilroy
    mike kilroy Ken Voight
    Did you "have fun in the final"?
  4. Clint Neff
    Clint Neff Comp 307
    Well Chuck what that mouthy bitch actually said was No Comp teams have bought pro jacks in quite some time like were all a bunch of broke dick jokes! Thats how I took it anyway! Id use jack stands and a floor jack before i ever spent one penny with her or her dads business. i wouldnt own a set if they didnt come with a set of used ones when I bought it!

    On to more important things lol. Hows things with you?
    1. Comp 307
      Comp 307
      Hey, just saw this. All is good, at the lake house now. Call me tomorrow to catch up. Cell is the same 614-560-6767.
      Aug 17, 2017
  5. jeremyyouker
    jeremyyouker projack
    Good afternoon. My hoses for my ProJacks were stolen from my trailer. Can I order just the hoses and how much would they be shipped to NC 28147?
  6. BCraner
  7. robert1555
    robert1555 Will Hanna
    Then maybe a separate poll, or however works best, again asking for a YES or NO answer that would be: Would the active owners and drivers be willing to have the results of those votes of the idea(s) presented to NHRA for consideration of implementation if the majority vote is 70% or greater?
  8. robert1555
    robert1555 Will Hanna
    Will, can I ask you to put up a poll for me? I tried to do it myself but seemed like there was a limit on characters for the question. I would like it to be directed to active drivers and owners. I would like a simple YES or NO answer. The question I would like to ask is: Would the active drivers and owners be willing to review and vote on ideas presented to them to improve the class of Competition Eliminator?
  9. Shaun Vincent
    Shaun Vincent Will Hanna
    Will, Can you delete the thread I just posted, "Pic". I was trying to test something and didn't mean to post that. I was trying to see if I could add pictures like they do in the Super Stock forum "Live" threads.
  10. Raceman3179
    Raceman3179 Josh Edwards
    How about a phone number or e-mail to contact you. I am interested in the Moroso oil pan.
  11. johnestickshift
    johnestickshift Josh Edwards
    Can you please send me pics of the moroso valve covers? Also, what part # are the studs? Send pics of the studs too please.
    My email is
    Thank you
  12. 2ez2xlr8
    2ez2xlr8 A1 Performance
    Still.have splayed valve heads? Location?
  13. vinny Barone
    vinny Barone Adger Smith
    hi adger how do i bump to the top thanks vinny
  14. Jeff Lane
    Jeff Lane Jim Cowan
    Jim, can you send me more pics of the achieva? Thanks, Jeff
  15. Emmons Motorsports
    Emmons Motorsports Will Hanna
    Will, I fat fingered the word Motorsports in the Emmons Motorsports profile name. Could you please correct this for me? Thank you in advance.
  16. Jeff Lane
    Jeff Lane Will Hanna
    Will...just a small correction for a name on the personal index page. Car #6003 is DAN Barton not Don Barton....Happy Holidays, Jeff
  17. ken reich
    ken reich Alan Freese
    Alan, ken reich here, your buds looking for race pak stuff, he contacted me , but i cant find his email, ask him to resend, i have the list done,thanx
    1. Alan Freese
      Alan Freese
      Just did. Thank you, Alan.
      Nov 19, 2016
  18. ken reich
    ken reich T Gusso
    Im checking whats required for a 5 speed east texas car- ill be back to you, ken reich
  19. rognelson777
    rognelson777 boostedf22c
    Call me if you wnt to talk Comp strategy now that you are fast. Really important if you are going to race a lot of events

  20. Annie Sherman