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  1. joseph borton
    joseph borton Keith Rittenberry
    Send me info on ur intake
  2. TDMotors
    TDMotors dino618
    Are u selling your 380 or trading it?
  3. Kevin Houghtaling
    Kevin Houghtaling Will Hanna
    Will, I would like to get in touch with you to ask you about some Alcohol dragster stuff, please give me a call or message me when you have a few minutes. Thanks, Kevin. 804-640-6187
  4. MBrown
    MBrown Kevin Groeneveld
    There is a complete D/SM Eastex Cobalt for sale by Rich Locerio. It is listed further back on It was also listed in last weeks ND. Also has a Goldrush trailer, truck, spares and tools available. His email address is
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    Car owner, Driver
  6. raceandwin1
    raceandwin1 Lucky Snyder
    Did you get my message? Not sure i know how to work this lol
  7. raceandwin1
    raceandwin1 Lucky Snyder
    Hello Lucky, what is the wheelbase on your car? I have always thought it was a super cool car. Would you be interested in selling the car less engine/trans? If not please keep me in mind if you ever decide you want to sell it or do something different...Im just looking for a unique car for my wife and i to bracket race occasionally (550hp small block)
    Thank you,
  8. john72nova
  9. Kell Komatsubara
    Kell Komatsubara arthodges706
    Hey there! Aloha from Hawaii!
  10. john72nova
    buy an sell parts on a budget racing....
  11. Bob Book
    Bob Book Brian Stufflebeam
    This is Bob Book - Greg told me you might be looking for some engine help and I just want you to know we'd love to help you!! From the symptoms it sounds like you just need a quality hone and maybe a set of rings. We'll be happy to work with you any way you request - Please call if I can help, I'd be excited to help you any way I can!! My shop # is (815) 933-3330 or my cell (815) 347-1449.
  12. john72nova
    john72nova comp 670
    can you run a moroso 3vane pump with a star vented puke canister.plese if you can help me..
  13. Bret Schlichtig
    Bret Schlichtig Frank Aragona Jr.
    I have 12 new intake valves that fit your engine. Interested?
  14. Comp 307
    Comp 307 rfh
    Call me 614-560-6767. Chuck
  15. Joey arrowsmith
  16. mike kilroy
    mike kilroy Ken Voight
    Did you "have fun in the final"?
  17. Clint Neff
    Clint Neff Comp 307
    Well Chuck what that mouthy bitch actually said was No Comp teams have bought pro jacks in quite some time like were all a bunch of broke dick jokes! Thats how I took it anyway! Id use jack stands and a floor jack before i ever spent one penny with her or her dads business. i wouldnt own a set if they didnt come with a set of used ones when I bought it!

    On to more important things lol. Hows things with you?
    1. Comp 307
      Comp 307
      Hey, just saw this. All is good, at the lake house now. Call me tomorrow to catch up. Cell is the same 614-560-6767.
      Aug 17, 2017
  18. jeremyyouker
    jeremyyouker projack
    Good afternoon. My hoses for my ProJacks were stolen from my trailer. Can I order just the hoses and how much would they be shipped to NC 28147?
  19. BCraner
  20. robert1555
    robert1555 Will Hanna
    Then maybe a separate poll, or however works best, again asking for a YES or NO answer that would be: Would the active owners and drivers be willing to have the results of those votes of the idea(s) presented to NHRA for consideration of implementation if the majority vote is 70% or greater?