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    ISO: CSR 826 shield

    I have a brand new one. Gary Chomiski 806-678-6937
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    Entry fees should be required for CEBF for 2024!

    Come on guys. We’re racing for a lot of money. Unprecedented money,thanks to Roger. Let’s get going and try to get the sponsors we need. And I’m all for the extra entry fee if we have to. Everybody knows someone who is able to be a sponsor.Let’s help Roger help us! Thanks
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    Class Decision for 2024

    DARRION, No difference except I’d run F/SM because the index is .002 better than H/A
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    1994 Don Ness Cutlass

    Diamond in the ruff. Original paint. New windows, New front wheels, Titanium rear end housing. Turn key T/S. 598” 2x4 12degree Profiler heads, Big M block, Callies crank, Oliver rods. All the best. 1160HP. 1.80 PG trans. 4.30 MW rear. Has been raced a dozen times in the last 15 years. 4.70’s in...
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    92 Camaro F/SM Comp car

    Update! SOLD! SOLD! 92 Camaro F/SM roller. SOLD! 358” CFE splayed engine. SOLD! 11degree Panella top end SOLD! 280” Panella complete engine Stay tuned!!! Lots more Comp parts, engines, cars to come. Call Gary Chomiski 806-678-6937
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    92 Camaro F/SM Comp car

    Update. Thanks ICR. Trailer SOLD. 296” engine SOLD. Adding Panella top end. Complete with 11 degree heads, Jesel rockers, Hogan 2x4 intake,Panella valve covers,Pistons, pins, rods and cam! Really nice stuff off a 292”.Great for Comp or Super Stock. All for $6900. Titanium Haas wheelie bars, 2...
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    ISO Dart Buick SBC Heads

    I have a pr of Harper raised port heads. Gary Chomiski 806-678-6937
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    92 Camaro F/SM Comp car

    Taylor Chomiski’s comp car. Available complete turn key as run in Div4/2023. Best ET 8.62 @ 158 mph. -68 under. Will sell as roller or in any configuration. 304” CFE 10 degree, Liberty, Ace clutch, 6.20 or 6.50 rear. $79000 turn key or $. 27500 roller. 358” Splayed Engine complete carbs to dry...
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    Gary Chomiski’s 92 Camaro H/A Comp Car

    Complete roller for sale. -66 under Belle Rose 2023, -69 under Houston 2023. Everything is in current certification. Best ET [email protected] with a 117.9, 60FT. Less engine and trans. Comes with New Goodyear radials (4 runs), 6.50 Gleason rear gear, 2 driveshafts, Browell bellhousing, MSD ignition...
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    1992 camaro SuperMod Comp Car

    3 time NHRA best engineered car award. Set up for F,G,H/SM or H/A. Former record holder and multi divisional winner. Everything is in full certification. 26 Runs since complete update. NEW paint, axles spool GLEASON gear, driveshaft, 4 link bars, heims, shocks, springs, struts, wheels, tires...
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    1992 Camaro SuperMod Comp Car

    Set up for F,G,H/SM or H/A. 3 time NHRA best engineered car award. 20 Runs since complete update. New paint, axles,spool,Gleason gear,4 link bars and heims,driveshaft,springs,shocks ,struts,Kirkey seats,Browell bellhousing,wheels,tires belts.. Everything is in full certification. 10 degree CFE...
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    No but I decided to modify the hood on the car. Thanks Also I’ll check on the rockers and manifold tomorrow
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    Comp Parts

    Call me at 806-678-6937 regarding any info on the cranks. they are both still available. Thanks Gary Chomiski
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    In search of new or used flat fiberglass hood for 82-92 Camaro.Thanks Gary Chomiski 896-678-6937
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    Comp Parts

    Protrans is C-6. 233/145 3.595 Bryant 4.000 Callies 3.562 Callies 3.000 GM 302 3.170 GM Have some more I can’t get to right now
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    Comp Parts

    4 sets dominator carbs. DaVinci, DC carb, Book. all run on both Art Hodges C/A and Taylor Chomiski's D/A. $2500 pr. Protrans for door car fresh from A1.$5500 7" A! converter. $500 or FREE with trans purchase. Sheet metal intakes- CFE,Hogan Etc $500 ea. Tons of comp parts, Jesel rockers...
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    WTB East West 7" Dual Disk

    I have 4 EastWest 7" Dual Disc Titanium clutches. I have 1 complete unit for sale. plenty of spare parts, discs,floaters, flywheel, etc. This is a twin to the clutch I have in Taylor Chomiski's D/A car. Gary Chomiski 806-678-6937
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    East West 7" Clutch

    7 " Titanium clutch. Complete with 2) 121 tooth flywheels, extra floater and discs. $ 3400. Sheet metal intakes $500 each, splayed, 10 degree CFE, 4.500 bore spacing CFE billet, etc. .Lots of clutch parts, discs,floaters. pressure plates,flywheels, 8" & 7" EW, Ace,L&T. Liberty parts, Lots of...