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Nov 8, 2016
    1. aaron strong
      aaron strong
      Ken, sorry for the late response I haven't checked my pm for awhile lol. Is there anything new on the scoop mounting?
    2. ken reich
      ken reich
      Aaron, the commitee is getting some flack from someone(probably jeff ) about how super mods fasten the scoops to there hoods , many have been dzus fastening them on , the cost to mold, then paint, is astronomical, comp is an innovators class , if we wanted to try something new the cost is a limiting factor-so rather than cut it off and bondo it back on or leave it look like an IHRA POS is ridiculas-the fastening method was approved by collins and danny 2 years ago, now they want to relook at that, how stupid is that, Schaffel said to contact you and fill you in, he feels its not a performance issue--- just a common sense money issue
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