Comp 307
Mar 28, 2006
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    1. Clint Neff
      Clint Neff
      Well Chuck what that mouthy bitch actually said was No Comp teams have bought pro jacks in quite some time like were all a bunch of broke dick jokes! Thats how I took it anyway! Id use jack stands and a floor jack before i ever spent one penny with her or her dads business. i wouldnt own a set if they didnt come with a set of used ones when I bought it!

      On to more important things lol. Hows things with you?
      1. Comp 307
        Comp 307
        Hey, just saw this. All is good, at the lake house now. Call me tomorrow to catch up. Cell is the same 614-560-6767.
        Aug 17, 2017
    2. Clint Neff
      Clint Neff
      Thanks chuck. Ya i sure am glad u have a great tow driver or all i would of saw was a big old yellow thing squashing me. Im sure looking at the schedule ur probably done for the year. Have a good winter and Keep in touch. 303-324-6017 I always like to chat and text with my racing buddies :).
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