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Jan 19, 2006
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May 14, 2018
    1. Wade Oman
      Wade Oman
      Hey Craig. Sorry I never got back with you on the thrust problem! After Topeka me and my dad and brother told Kramer to stick it up his ass. He wanted to stick his kid in the car from his first marriage for the two Denver races so he could get the national record and wanted me to take the old DRCE engine he had that was down a 100HP to run in our car so his kid would look good and we wouldn't. His kid doesn't even like racing and we were not getting paid for anything so we said we were done. Our new B/DA engine is close to being done but we are not going to rush it for the Mile High Nationals. We might get out and do some testing before the end of the summer and there might be another F/D or F/ED car I might also drive next year too? So I am still driving just getting things in order and I would not drive for Kramer if my life depended on it. After we left I did not have any info on the thrust issue but I did hear they had no oil pressure at the Denver div. race? How are you doing?
    2. Craig Bourgeois
      Craig Bourgeois
      What happened? What are you not driving anymore?
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