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    Hello, Comp world! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here. I used to post stats at the end of seasons for everyone to look at.

    I still keep up on stats for Comp, which got me thinking about the ongoing debates that are had this time of year as to what changes to make or not make to Comp.

    An idea once floated on these boards was racing off the national records. Well, what if class indexes were set based off of the best legal passes at National and Division events?

    I recently looked at the Madison divisional and this is what I found:

    **A disclaimer: as a fan and not a member of NHRA, I haven’t purchased a rulebook in a few years. Some indexes may not be fair if recent rule changes make the passes I’ve listed outdated. But this is just food for thought.

    Below are the classes that were represented at the October Madison divisional. The hypothetical class indexes are rounded up from the best legal passes at national and divisional events since 2010, not national records.

    Class: Hypothetical index (racer who made the pass, best class run @ location, date)

    D/D: 7.05 (Doug Engels, 7.045 @ Madison, 9/26/2015)

    F/D: 7.88 (Al Ackerman, 7.878 @ Reading, 10/3/2016)

    I/D: 6.51 (Craig Schuck, 6.504 @ Kent, 8/5/2017)

    A/DA: 6.41 (Terry Smith, 6.408 @ Madison, 9/29/2017)

    B/DA: 6.67 (Frank Cervelli, 6.668 @ Joliet, 6/3/2017)

    A/ED: 6.48 (Robert Bailey, 6.477 @ Gainesville, 3/13/2010)

    B/ED: 6.77 (Greg Kamplain, 6.766 @ Bowling Green, 8/26/2017)

    C/ED: 7.17 (Don Thomas, 7.161 @ Ennis, 4/20/2013)

    B/TA: 8.14 (Rick Brown, 8.139 @ Norwalk, 5/18/2014)

    B/AP: 7.12 (Lou Ficco, Jr., 7.115 @ Pomona, 11/20/2011)

    D/A: 7.60 (Erich Bollman, 7.595 @ Englishtown, 9/7/2013)

    G/A: 8.36 (Scott Benham, 8.360 @ Belle Rose, 4/10/2016)

    A/AA: 6.47 (Alan Ellis, 6.468 @ Ennis, 4/20/2013)

    C/AA: 7.20 (Ray Skillman, 7.194 @ Gainesville, 3/14/2014)

    G/AA: 8.12 (Van Puckett, 8.119 @ Charlotte, 4/16/2016)

    J/AA: 7.64 (Steve Ambrose, 7.639 @ Gainesville, 3/7/2015)

    K/AA: 7.54 (Chad Voges, 7.537 @ Madison, 9/30/2017)

    A/EA: 7.16 (David Rampy, 7.153 @ Englishtown, 6/11/2010)

    D/EA: 8.04 (David Billingsley, 8.040 @ Madison, 9/29/2017)

    E/SM: 8.36 (Keith Hall, 8.357 @ Baytown, 2/27/2016)

    F/SMA: 8.44 (Scott Cashio, 8.432 @ Belle Rose, 4/9/2016)

    Based on the hypothetical indexes, the final qualifying order at Madison would have looked like this:

    1. G/A Travis Gusso 8.315 -.045 (Class index lowered to 8.32 on Monday)

    2. I/D Bruno Massel 6.480 -.030 (Class index lowered to 6.48 on Monday)

    3. J/AA Steve Ambrose 7.632 -.008

    4. D/EA David Billingsley 8.042 .002

    5. G/AA Terry Ticel 8.134 .014

    6. B/TA Rick Brown 8.154 .014

    7. D/A Pat Ross 7.622 .022

    8. B/ED Greg Kamplain 6.807 .037

    9. A/EA Brian Stufflebeam 7.205 .045

    10. C/ED Todd Frantz 7.221 .051

    11. D/D Brian Browell 7.117 .067

    12. B/DA Troy Galbraith 6.750 .080

    13. C/AA Jim Primozic, Jr. 7.281 .081

    14. B/AP James A Smith 7.205 .085

    15. A/ED Robert Bailey 6.582 .102

    16. A/AA Brandon Baxter 6.588 .118

    17. F/SMA Allen Wilson 8.607 .167

    18. B/DA Adam Hickey 6.860 .190

    19. A/DA Jeremy Bailey 6.604 .194

    20. K/AA Chad Voges 7.736 .196

    21. E/SM Mike Compton 8.580 .220

    22. B/DA Jim Primozic, Sr. 7.226 .556

    23. B/DA Neil Girot 8.677 2.007

    24. F/D Andrew Holt 9.941 2.061

    25. AA/PM Brandon Stevenson 9.589 N/A

    Event CIC would not be used. Everyone runs against their class indexes throughout the event and hits only take effect on Monday.

    On the above system, G/A and I/D would receive class index adjustments following the race because of their qualifying performances being quicker than the existing quickest legal passes for their respective classes. During eliminations, any competitor eclipsing the best class run for their class would also see their respective class indexes adjusted on Monday.

    So, how would competition be affected?

    Let’s look at the top 21 qualifiers (Mr. Compton posting a competitive -.520 on the original qualifying sheet):

    Index Spread (current system/proposed system):

    1st-21st place: .320/.265

    1st -15th: .181/.165

    1st-10th: .135/.096

    1st-5th: .107/.059

    1st-2nd: .062/.015

    On top of racers being closer together, more races would be to the finish line. This Madison divisional event was operated in mindshaft conditions, and even then, only six drivers were within .02 of adjusting their hypothetical class indexes. Summer national and divisional events would feature few, if any, 1,000 ft. races.

    Advantages for quick cars:

    -Still qualify high on the sheet

    -Less index they have to worry about protecting

    Advantages for slower cars:

    -The spread between quickest and lowest competitive qualifier is smaller

    -If the best you can muster is .050 or .100 off your index, then you can safely run it all out. Cut a decent light and the faster guy will have to decide how badly he wants it.

    Advantages for fans:

    -More racing to the stripe

    -Less complicated

    -Becomes the coolest class in drag racing to even more rational people :)

    Just my thoughts...
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    It would be a decent idea but problem is the conditions on these runs all vary so you may get a class that the fastest run was at 2500ft and then have one that was set at 200ft.
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    There are too many penalties. Go better than 50 under you get whacked in the next round. Go too far under the Nat index you get whacked with PI or Nat index hits. Enough is many times can you get whacked for one run?

    Get rid of the 50 under round to round hit. Where ever you are when you roll onto the property is where you stay all weekend. Monday morning is a different thing.

    If you get rid of the 50 under thing you will see more racing to the stripe, Monday morning is a long way off when your primary focus is the next round on Saturday.

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