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Discussion in 'The Comp Buzz' started by Alan Freese, Nov 1, 2020.

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    That system is great when you have a combo with a turbo or power adder. A even though they've been around for awhile, new tech still is being developed for them and there are gains to be made. In regards to the "best engineering" for the typical naturally aspirated SBC, they've had the snot engineered out of them and gains now are like trying to get water from a stone.

    Personally, I think the original idea that was floated, giving back 1/2 a hun for each divisional( up to the class index as a maximum) is possibly one of the easiest to implement and track. The question would be when to apply the index. Would it be cumulative after the season ends or after every pair of races you get .01?
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    Write in to your reps but more importantly write into nhra with your idea. Explain it very detailed please. The more we can get people thinking and working regardless of the idea is good or dumb the better off we will be to get a change in the system
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    Write it in to nhra please! This forum is great to spur ideas out but we need people to write into nhra so the heads can start thinking and we can get some changes
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    Rob. I guess the guy and his dad like bad ideas. And you said it is no worse than doing nothing. Totally disagree with that statement as well. It would be way worse. I could benefit from it greatly. But you cannot have a system where there are no index hits. There has to be parity. Clark Smiley
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    Rob, are you saying no CIC and no index hitting for a year?
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    So concerning the idea where the amount of PI given back to a given racer is a function of the amount of racers they've run.... Im just trying to work this through my mind with an example.

    Racer A has a tenth personal at the start of the year. Racer A attends 6 divisionals in a given year. Racer A has plenty of free time and resources, works hard on their combo, and loves being a part of the great sport of NHRA Comp racing.

    Racer B has a tenth personal at the start of the year. Racer B attends 3 divisionals (ones that are close to home and worth within their busy work schedule). Racer B has limited free time and resources, works hard on their combo, and loves being a part of the great sport of NHRA Comp racing.

    At the end of the year, assuming both racers do not hit their index at any of these divisionals (they redlight every first round and shutoff... :) )..
    Racer A has greater advantage versus Racer B against the rest of the field.

    Just seems like the amount of races attended should not be a factor in determining competitiveness with no other input.

    Of course, in my example if Racer A + B started the year with ZERO personal, and Racer A + B ran 6/3 divisional respectively, then Racer A has more opportunity to hit their respective personal index. Of course, that is their decision to make, and those possible index hits they would do... mostly likely to win a round or even a race.

    On the flip side of the argument, Racer A + Racer B are in the same class.

    Racer A runs 6 divisionals. To be completive, Racer A hits their personal index several times to wins rounds and possibly races.

    Racer B runs 3 divisionals. Racer B's car is just as fast as Racer A's car, so they also hit their personal index several times to win rounds and possibly racers.

    After the 6 divisionals, Racer A's car and Racer B's car run the same times on the track, but Racer B's car is more competitive versus the rest of the other classes, basically because they've raced less than Racer A.

    This also doesn't seem fair.

    I think these are some of the issues with the PI system. These situations are going to happen when you allow indexes per driver and not having them attached to the potential of a given combination (I.E. the CLASS).
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    how about:
    - take 5 hundreths off all indexes. that would allow more racing without giving up the stripe and in good weather make for great racing.
    - eliminate the CIC in mineshaft conditions. when racers stay home because they are worried about going to fast, having to add weight and change the set up on their car to slow it down. that's not racing. around 2005 we had a winter series race at HRP.
    I had 2 cars there. Lump was driving my C/SM and I was in D/SM. we both went to the finals. 85 under to 83 under in the finals. very cool, very exciting day.
    I think the current rules for what qualifies as mineshaft conditions is sufficient.
    - I also think there should be no CIC on red lights. the race is over at the starting line.
    If youve red lighted you've lost. the race is over!
    a racer shouldn't be penalized if the other lane red lights. that's ridiculous.
    - racers in same class should run heads up. if a run of more than 71 under effects the class then heads up runs should be off the class index.
    - one more thing but off topic - when qualifying we should handicap it off the indexes.
    it so much easier for the announcers to explain how the class works.
    Stock and Super Stock should be done that way as well.
    Divisional and National Events.
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    I consider myself new to Comp as This is my Second Season. I considered Comp and Bought a car because of the PI rule as I can only hurt myself to a point without destroying the class index. As for my short time in the class thus far, I believe giving PI Index back every year or every 2 years would help the class car count. I think a formula should be created to serve the cars/drivers that need the Index appropriately, Myself excluded at this time. I have seen in the last 2 seasons cars sit because Indexes were bad and vehicles are not competitive and New coming racers will Not buy useless comp cars.
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