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    as some of you know i do some race promoting. i had an idea a couple years back to put on a big money comp race in conjunction with an alcohol show a few years back. basically it was a gambler's shootout. big entry fee, real big payoff. i think it was like $450 entry, $5000 to win, 1/8 mile.

    i got a very mixed response. some were very receptive. some weren't.

    one thing about running comp as part of an exibition show is you usually don't have the time or personel for the involved tech it takes to police comp cars. as the money raced for goes up, certainly the likely hood of someone wanting to cheat would go up.

    what i'm throwing to the masses (Comp Racers) are you interested in something like this? if it's decent money at a show that's on a tight turnaround and may not have a lot of time to weigh every single car (random instead) you as comp racers want an outlet like this?

    with some feedback, i may be able to put something together like the alcohol shows i'm trying to work.
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