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    Our LIVING THE DREAM USA RACE TOUR have come to the end it has been AWESOME, thank you all :)
    Comp A/DA former NHRA record holder and one of the coolest Comp car in NHRA.

    2018 Neil& Parks 225”front engine dragster with an ProStock engine. Yes it has been a bull ride sometimes but car is now sorted out. Set a new NHRA record and was sixth qualified at GatorNationals and are now ready for bigger adventuress.

    Super trick and light weight car, carbon cowl and seat. N&P fabricated 9” sheet metal housing for 12 bolt drop out. Titanium driveshaft and wheelie bars, magnesium Canard wings. Carbon brakes, ceramic wheel bearings, titanium wheelie bars and a lot of cool stuff.
    Dual shutes, ISP head pads.

    Spare engine, both engines have run , 60+ under but the Gray Motorsport 500" is ready for more.

    Spare transmission, spare rear wheels with N&P light weight bedlock,, 2 spare third members, 3 spare converters and a couple of extra ring gears for racing at different altitudes,
    A LOT of spare parts.

    Race pack V300 with 8-O2's ; MSD Grid, Dambest fuel system,
    Radio Electronic Motorola radio set, 1 car set and 3 crew radios
    Altronic Weather station calibrated in June 2019

    Complete operation $100000

    Turn key car start at $60000

    For more information: mail.stigo(at)

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