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Discussion in 'The Comp Buzz' started by Keith Mawhee, Oct 12, 2020.

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    It’s Fall Nationals time again. This race has always been a big deal to the Mawhee clan: ’86 was my Dad’s last as a driver, I've been to a few finals, our cars won ‘Best Appearing’ in ’95 and ‘Best Engineered’ in ’98 & ’02.

    And our all-time highlight: Korey beating me in the S/S final in ’98. Looking at pictures from that weekend still brings a smile. We had a LOT of family & friends there to help us celebrate. And I’m always struck by how many spectators were there. (The photos certainly seem to show bigger crowds than we’ve seen lately.)

    That last part has been discussed by a lot of folks- on this forum and elsewhere. I realize there are many reasons. But one in particular jumps out at me right now… I’ve had several friends ask about coming down. I was freaking shocked to learn pit access for Saturday costs a minimum of $78. Think about that- over $300 for a family of four to spend one day at the drag strip!

    A few weeks ago the ADRL put on what sounds like a very successful show at the Motorplex. Tickets were free, and the stands appeared damn near packed.

    I understand that track’s spend a lot on maintenance, staff, insurance, amenities, etc. We’ve all complained about the dwindling prize $. And I’m sure we’d be shocked at what it costs to get NHRA to come to town. So it’s ridiculous to expect them to just open the gates for free.

    And in the overall scheme of things, $80 isn’t much to most racers. (Heck, we’ll spend that on generator fuel.) But how does that sound to the casual fans, family members or friends who might be interested in spending the day to see what it’s all about?

    I know it’s unreasonable to expect the Motorplex (or any track) to give away tickets to a national event. But $150 for a couple, or $300 for a family (reserved seats or not) for a single day is insane.

    I’ll admit I’m often wrong about stuff like this- perhaps they’ll still fill the place. But when I think about how the stands have looked the past few years, how people reacted to the free ADRL tickets, and the options people have when it comes to spending $150-300 around here, I’m skeptical.

    If anyone from the Motorplex happens to read this, let me stress we love racing in Ennis- and we really appreciate the staff! It just stings thinking that after paying NHRA ~$600 to enter two cars, we’re now looking at spending another $300 or so to bring a few friends down.

    End of rant.

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    Keith you are correct that is too expensive for many who would like to come. They should offer a package price for families at a discounted price. My .02 see you there my friend. 26 cars should be fun....

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