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    Sorry this update is late...

    With all sponsorship in place, here is a list of the generous sponsors for our Division 3 Comp Eliminator bonus fund for 2019:

    Primary Sponsorship

    Browell Bellhousing
    Rolla Competition Engines
    C-Tech Aluminum Cabinets
    Ray Skillman Auto Group
    Coan Engineering
    Indy Gear
    Liberty Gears
    T&E Auto Haulers
    Bullet Racing Cams
    Kamplain Machine
    Billingsley 66 Car Wash
    Total Seal Piston Rings
    A&A Transmission

    Associate Sponsorship
    John Holt Race Cars

    Thanks to the generous contributions of these companies, assuming similar car counts to 2018, we will be able to again cover the cost for entry fees for all comp qualifiers in Division 3 this year. Reimbursement will be sent out twice this year - mid season and after Race #6.

    Up from last year, the winner and R/U at each event will receive an additional $500/$250 respectively, thanks to additional sponsorship.

    Thanks to everyone involved with this bonus fund, particularly Deb and Brian Browell.

    Racers, please email me with current email and/or mailing addresses - cvoges2@hotmail.com.

    FYI - Adjustments (up or down) to payments may be necessary at race #6, subject to 2019 car counts.

    -Chad Voges
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    Thanks Chad. Greatly appreciate you picking this up and running with it!


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