Do away with Event only CIC from .51 under to .60 under.

Discussion in 'The Comp Buzz' started by rognelson777, Dec 24, 2020.

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    Do not know why we need Temporary event CIC since personal index was put in place. Personal index stays in place, so the new guys still get a handicap. So if you go any faster than .60 under at a non mineshaft event in eliminations, you hit your personal index / class index, whatever your index is. No longer change in your index unless you go faster than .60 under.

    Reason, you get a tough car next to you in 1st round and have to run .60 under, win and your next round race is a car that had a bye run, so they already have a .10 on you before you even do a burnout in 2nd round.

    As it is now comp is more of a strategy race than a bad ass, fastest car driver combo wins.
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    Roger, sit back and enjoy your Christmas and New Years, then think about what you said. Come back in 2021 with a better idea.
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