Friday Belle Rose Comp Report

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    After the showers passed the area, the sky cleared around 1:30 pm....

    The track was a little green when they started sending cars back down the track, and a lot of the Top Sportsman and Top Dragster guys were struggling to get down the track. Towards the end of their session, the track started coming around.

    Very early in the session, Michael Johnson laid down a very stout .63 under pass. Dick Maris, a late entry with his C/D made a nice .62 under 6.98. Tanksley's C/D wasn't far behind with a (-.600) 7.01.

    With another session of cars to season the track in, the hitters came out. Bourgeois, who had his car in the trailer the first run, laid down the gauntlet with a stout 6.88 (-.651) to go to the top at his home track in his Chuck Haase' A/ND. Shane Heckel made a strong pass to move to the No. 4 spot with a 6.67 to go .62 under his index. David Rampy stepped up into the .60 under club to the No. 5 spot. Raymond Martin just missed the club with a .598 under pass to put him sixth.

    Only 19 cars on the grounds...

    I will be deep undercover in the pits and in the track bar (for intellegence gathering purposes only :D :rolleyes: :eek: ) to gather the behind the scenes scoop. Look for a report tomorrow morning (just maybe not too early...).

    Meanwhile in Indy, all eyes on Butner....the AA/SM saga continues...

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