How do we improve participation?

Discussion in 'The Comp Buzz' started by Backyard Bandit, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Mar 11, 2011
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    Charlie, think of it this way, we are making the .45 to .50 under cars think they are competitive. As I have learned, with the CIC being the way it is, you are not going anywhere with a .45 to .50 under car. A Handicap system is only as good as the rules that enforce it.
    In D 1 at most races, the final 4 are usually down .06 or more.

    I ask you this, if there was no temporary CIC at all, the best cars would be .45 to .50 under and the old .45 to .50 under cars will be .35 to .40 under when eliminations come around, Handicap would be basically the same, so what is the difference? So as a newbie, and learning how comp works, I am a little turned off with the whole strategy of qualifying and protecting your index.
    How many other new comers come in and learn this is what comp is all about and then leave? Now fortunately, I go to the races and hang out with my brother and nephew.

    PS Clark, how long have you been racing Comp?
  2. Dave Ring

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    Jan 20, 2006
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    I understand it would be great to get more cars, but I think you gotta admit that the quality of cars has improved. Just look at Pomona-not many easy cars to race against in first round (look at where Ed Sigmon was qualified and he is in the third round-he's a good racer). And no matter where you go, it is rare to get an easy second round matchup.
  3. Charlie Yannetti

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    We have to get on the same page.. do we want more all out racing to possibly draw sponsors and a bigger fan base??.. or do we want to expand player participation by making Comp more competitive for those with lower budgets??..

    If you want to increase ALL OUT racing, you just might have to raise the penalty limits.. indexes getting hit just puts more low budget racers on the shelf.. especially if they cant fit into another class with their stuff.. but even if the limits are raised, that doesn't make a 40 or 50 under player think he can compete.. and you can't make them believe that they can.. unfortunately, in many cases, you have to make them believe that it is OK to mortgage the ranch to be competitive.. that ain't easy.. and doesn't make good family economic sense..

    While I do agree with Clark, that the current system was set up to level the playing field, and does eventually work if given time.. the playing fields are getting a little thin, and that is the problem that needs to be addressed..

    It's Comp, it costs a lot of money to be involved, you can't fool anyone about that..
  4. Greg Schenck

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    Nov 3, 2006
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    Doing away with the CIC would kill comp in one year. Only the fast cars would show up.
    And I have yet to see two weather stations the same.
    Clark said it all, raising the index hit would only hurt car count.
  5. Rob Harrison

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    Jan 24, 2006
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    ……The above quote , pretty much sums it up……

    If you have listened to Alan Reinhart on the audio cast , you would never believe there is anything wrong with the status of Comp , he says every time Comp runs , it is the coolest class in drag-racing , makes a bit of an effort to explain it , but gives up , usually ending with the claim that most of the Pro's came from Comp .

    Comp has and always will be , tough , expensive and complicated , not for everyone but the only class for those who can…..
  6. Craig Bourgeois

    Jan 20, 2006
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    Best post of the year. But if you really want to "level" the playing fields, put dial-in's on Comp cars like IHRA did years ago. Talk about even playing fields?
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    429 K/AA Old Dude

    Something you might have forgot too is hitting the index will weed out the babies!!!!!!!!!!!!

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