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    Question 1, Only because i was following I/Dragster which our car runs occasionally, I need clarification on the following.

    Craig shuck runs same class, Last September he made the following eliminations run on the Class index of 7.33, personal index of 7.33, he went 6.616 which is .714 under the index, non mineshaft race.

    This changed the class index to 7.32 and his personal index to 7.23 according to the NHRA listed indexes

    Can someone explain? If this is correct craig has .01 personal to use up now after running .71 under.

    Also if this is correct rules, If craig ran .75 under on that run, would his personal index be 7.23 index and class index be 7.33 minus ..05 new class index of 7.28

    Question 2, If we take .05 personal at a race, lowering our personal index to 7.27 then bruno lowers class index .05 this weekend to 7.27, we would run of of 7.27 and bruno would now run off 7.17. If this is correct we would have.10 personal to use again.

    If answering questions please note which one you are answering.
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    You can only take a max of 10 per race on your personal. Thus the index got hit one.

    You were correct on the second part of your question. 75 under would've meant his personal would've been 5 lower then the class index.

    Question 2 you answered your question.
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