Ladder ideas for Eliminations.

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    At the Doorslammers race in orlando, for Pro stock,1st round of eliminations, they did a chip draw for lane choice and run pairs. Then after 1st round they were put on a ladder. They said the drivers loved it, not sure about that.
    I think this would be a better option for Comp than the sportsman ladder. This idea does a couple things,
    1st, it accomplishes what the sportsman ladder is supposed to do, which gives the lower qualified cars the same chance in the 1st round as the higher qualified cars. I think there was a number 13 versus 16 1st round race. out of 16 entries.
    2nd it made the prostock teams to set their cars on kill because they had no idea who they were going to run 1st round. 3rd it took away the game of playing the ladder to get a easy 1st round opponent or racing a teammate. (Considering Erica lost to Troy JR in her 1st round pairng, both in ELite Camaro,s ).
    4th, it also takes picking the better lane for eliminations out of the equation.

    And as another note, I read Factory stock Shootout has gone to a Pro ladder.

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    It was nice to see the hemi's and factory stock cars run with them in comp.
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    Somethings are better off left alone, the ladder being one of those things.. the ladder actually is like a chess game, with the masters being able to shoot for a spot.. my choice was always the bottom of the top half, 12 to 16, for instance.. worked pretty well at the time.. now it seems to be more preferred to click it and look for the middle to bottom of the bottom half, especially if you're confident with you power, and can cut a "decent" light.. and that too seems to work for some.. while working for HEY YO VINNY, and THE MASTER, Sal Biondo, I got to witness how the chess game was supposed to work.. AND YES, it worked a lot of the time..

    The ladder does sometimes do it's job, and #1 ends up against #2, just like in the movies.. we all know about the upsets, and the difference in driver's ability, but I still believe the current system works..

    BUT, you might not wanna listen to me, cause I thought that the Personal Index System (PISS) was a good thing.. I added an extra S for STUPID.. IMAGINE THAT!!!
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