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  1. Hey all. I am hoping youcna help me out and e-mail me or port here contact information for the following NHRA and IHRA racers.

    Jeff Taylor-
    Rodger Brogdon-
    Tony Stephenson-
    Joe Lo Cicero
    Greg Luneack
    Jody Lang
    Gary Stinnent-
    Tommy Phillips-
    Brad Plourd-
    Steve Cohen-
    Mark Buehring-
    Michael Ruff-
    Justin Rosenbohm-
    Greg Parson-
    Alan Percival-
    Dudley Gee-
    Gary Thompson-

    Jamie Silance-
    Sandy Wilkins-
    Dewayne Silance-
    Jason Folk-
    Nick Folk-
    David Elrod-
    Scott Stillings-
    Gil Carty -
    Chris Jackson-
    Jeremy Mitchell-
    Troy Williams-
    Todd Burks-
    Brent Freeborn-
    Rusty Cook-
    Brian Folk-
    Keith Mayers-
    Robert Koontz-
    Scott Morgan-

    You can e-mail me at


    Frank Cicerale
    Competition Plus
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    Hey!! how come my name isn't on the list?? You don't want my contact Info?? I think I'm insulted:D LOL

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