Old Stuff: Buick-Dart Heads - Head Gasket Question.

Discussion in 'Tech Questions' started by dlgerard, Sep 3, 2009.

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    We have a set of good Buick-Dart that we are running in TD.

    These are the early heads with the ported raised intake at the top of the roof and epoxied floor.

    We are having some problems with getting all of the air out when filling the radiator and noticed that the water holes in the block and head gasket are not the same.

    The Buick head doesn't have water holes in the top of the cylinders between #1-#3 and #5-#7 and on one end of the head too.

    Do any of you "Ol' Timers" know if the heads should be drilled to match the block/gasket or what?

    Finally, the Hogan manifold only takes water out through the small stock holes in the front of the heads. Should we put bleed holes in the back of the heads or run a line up from the back of the head up to the water outlet in the front of the tunnel manifold or what?

    Any help is appreciated.


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