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    Dec 6, 2011
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    Have a whole bunch of Racepak stuff, over $9000 worth. Have a V300SD, Sportsman unit and UDX Ultra Display Dash. 9 passes on sensors; some have never been installed. Sportsman is new in box.
    8 Vnet EGT’s
    Pan vacuum
    Water temp
    Oil Pressure
    Drive shaft RPM
    WOT switch
    Wheelie bar load cell
    Front wheel speed
    Two cylinder head temps
    Transmission temp
    Transbrake/12V event
    500PSI Fuel Pressure
    Two 300 PSI nozzle pressure
    Fuel flow meter
    Multiple Vnet cables.
    Want to sell complete, might be able to eliminate some sensors if not needed, please don’t ask to buy individual sensors. Sell all the sensors and dash with the Sportsman box for $4000 or all sensors, dash and V300SD w/light software for $5500.

    Call Clay, 714-651-1384 or email grtpmkn@gmail.com
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    Feb 3, 2006
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    I see this is a year old, but not marked as sold!

    I need some V-Net Tee connectors and cables. Do you have any to sell?

    I'm still looking for reasonabley priced:
    - 8" Shock Travel Sensor kit [like 280-KT-SHKTRVR kit or 230-VM-AN-5V connector].
    -Single Channel V-Net A/F module 230-VM-AF
    -V-Net analog connectors for 5vdc 230-vm-pt-5v


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