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Discussion in 'The Comp Buzz' started by Bliss Hudson, Mar 5, 2021.

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    Howdy everyone! A few updates for y’all today. We now have 2 websites for y’all to use! For updates, questions and conversation please continue to use this forum, and for rules, regulations and current point standings (updated weekly) please visit

    As mentioned earlier, in order to keep this fund going throughout the years, everyone needs to use Owens Corning roofing products whenever they have any roofing projects planned (personal or commercial). All you need to do is email a copy of your paid invoice and we will email back if there’s anything else! Just keep buying Owens Corning products, get your friends and family to buy Owens Corning products, and when you do, send us a copy and we’ll make a note of it. We will eventually get a promo number and a registration number, but for now just email us a copy of your invoice!

    Finally for all the racers participating in the WFO, there are a few minor changes. First off, the ladder will be based on the Friday qualifying round(s), and generated on Saturday morning, and we will remove those from the sheet that are not participating, the only bye run in the first session would be #1 with an odd number of cars. In the 2nd session if there is more than 1 bye we will pair you together but you both get a win, example would be a broken competitor. If you are not on the sheet for whatever reason but plan on running Saturday and want to be in the WFO, you must notify Ashton Hudson by text or phone call by 8:00AM Saturday morning in order to be added. For clarification the fields are split by the winners (a-field) and the losers (b-field) during the first session. After the 2nd round we decide the winners based on rounds won and combined time under your index. The a-field winner and runner up won both rounds and went the furthest and 2nd furthest under their combined indexes from the 2 rounds, and the b-field winner and runner up lost the 1st round, won the 2nd round and went the furthest and 2nd furthest under their combined indexes from the 2 rounds. So it’s a 2 step requirement to be eligible for the prizes which encourages real racing. So you have to win and you have to be fast, them’s the rules.

    If you have any further questions feel free to ask, but many of them should be clarified on the new website, so check there too! And as always, go follow the Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages for more updates and cool videos (they're all titled sportsmanbonusfund)!
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    Great Program but Big question I have. Please bear with me because I will try to explain best I can. A few years ago Vinny Barones car needed Calvin Hill to make a certain run significantly under the index at the last event of the year to keep the index in a specific class from getting lowered significantly after review at season end. Not sure the term for the rule, But I worry someone will get a unwanted season ending hit because of their Participation in this great program you have.
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    I think you are referring to this rule, copied from the nhra racer site


    If any class had two or more entries (an entry is one car at one event; only the quickest run at each event is counted) run .760 or more under the year ending Index then reduce the Index by the amount necessary to bring the slower instance to .700 under the Index. For example, if there a class has a year ending Index of 7.36 and two entries during that year ran 6.555 (-.805) and .6.569 (-.791) then the Index would be adjusted to 7.27 (6.569 + .709 = 7.278; 6.569 - 7.27 = -.701). Runs at altitude factored tracks, National Opens and events that were considered "mine-shaft" (see policy above) will not be considered. Runs during the Jegs All Star event will be considered

    Up to each driver/team how fast they want to go, if they can. I think this would only be possible at Belle Rose (completed and air was not good) and Houston (to be seen, moved to April so air may not be that good). Seriously doubt that anyone will run those kind of numbers at Ennis in May, Tulsa in June or Noble (anytime) .

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