Strange PRG500 12 bolt Drop-out Aluminum Third Member for 9” Ford Housings

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    I have a really nice unassembled complete third member with both a 3.90 and a 4.30 Pro Ring and Pinion sets. The pinion bearings are already installed and properly setup for the case. There are a few cosmetic nicks in the bottom of the case from when I broke the 4.10 gears. No other damage. We have changed to a traditional Strange PRO HD 9” Ford PRF188 Rear End Assembly, as we have added a bunch of NO2 to the engine.

    Either of the ring and pinions can be set up and installed, with the other set in its OEM box. The drive shaft yoke can be replaced with a coupler, if you wish. Asking just $900.00, but open to best offers. FREE SHIPPING.

    Catalog Information:
    PRG500: The 12 bolt aluminum Drop-out center section is designed to bolt into a Ford 9” housing and utilize a 12 bolt ring and pinion. This allows the builder to create a lightweight sheet metal housing, have the convenience of a center section, and benefit from the efficiency of a 12 bolt gear. The application is a very lightweight Drag Race Only vehicle that does not require the strength of a Ford 9” gear, but can appreciate its lightweight housing.

    Since a 12 bolt gear is 2-3% more efficient than a comparable 9”, horsepower loss is reduced and an improvement realized in top end performance. This assembly should not be used outside its application since overloading will cause case deflection, gear bind, efficiency loss, and poor gear life. Upgrades available include a Pro gear.

    Catalog prices:
    PRG500: $1,528, plus shipping
    12 bolt Drop-out case / Lite 40 spline steel spool / standard gear / Chrome moly 1350 yoke / U-bolts
    OPRG01 Upgrade to Pro gear.... Add $99
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