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    Maybe I am off here but probably not. The fast guys want to stay fast and protect their PI. All you fast guys say the slow guys should work harder. Hey fast guys quit an hour early working on the car and work on your driving skills. Comp is a performance based class that needs a real good driver to stay competitive for a long time.

    The PI system was a great idea to boost car counts and keep it fair for all participants in the class, but NHRA screwed it up from the start. The major complaint about comp was a no driving fast guy on the East Coast could whack the shit out of a class and some poor west coast racer just lost a tenth while working on his sun tan. PI was to fix that, cause wake up guys new blood isn't flocking to come Comp racing. PI should never hit the class index. That was the first mistake. If it is so easy for the fast guy to be fast and stay fast then let them jump classes if he wants to work on performance of the car rather then learning to drive a fast car in Comp.

    if you want to change something start by fixing the PI system. Make it a true personal index. Don't touch class index, let the drivers make the corrections. Someone said earlier it takes 5 years to even indexes out, correct because the fast guys hard work trickles down to the slower guys and they meet in the middle somewhere. The best of the class will still be at the top, but gives incentive to keep up car counts and new people running Comp.

    Happy New Year Everyone!
    Brian Moscini
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