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Discussion in 'The Comp Buzz' started by jeremyyouker, Oct 4, 2017.

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    So now is the time to act for Comp eliminator.To me it looks like the writing is on the wall, If participation does not increase your class will be cut down until it goes away. 8 car prostock field in Englistown.

    NHRA is not going to spend any more money on Comp than they are now.

    I think it would be a good time to look at all the rules and really think outside the box for Comp.

    How does comp get racers involved that are running other series, x275, outlaw 10.5 , radial versus the world, ultra street, promod and the like. (All run on pro tree)
    Some of these classes have N/A combos as well as nitrous, turbos and superchargers.

    I think one thing Comp needs is a realistic way to set indexes, not just a number on a sheet of a paper. If a car hits a index hard, weather conditions should be considered when the run was made. (too much to go into here to detail, but with current technology and timing systems pretty easy to calculate).

    Another thing I believe hurts comp is the term Soft Index. When I hear that said it makes me think someone has a big advantage and also the system/rules for setting the index is flawed, so why would I want to race in Comp.(Back to setting Indexes correctly)

    Combine classes with similar ET's to bring out more heads up racing. Also it is a better way to set index for that particular class. If a Combo becomes fast, Add weight instead of changing class index

    Can Comp racers take the bull by the horns and get back to realistic racing or just keep the current system.

    My 2 cents
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    Realistic, you say??.. is that referring to REALITY??.. the reality is that NHRA has now limited Pro Stock to the big dollar teams, and basically kicked the privateers to the curb.. with the tip of a martini glass, or a giggle from the group at the top, while feeding on oysters and big steaks at a high dollar restaurant ON OUR DIME, and it's done..

    This all started when NHRA decided that Pro Stock, as everyone knew it, had to change to fuel injection, no hood scoops, shorter wheelie bars, etc, etc, etc.. this was the beginning of the end.. along with car and engine builders losing their minds on pricing.. NHRA is not alone in killing this class.. the dollar and cents issues play a big part..

    If you can't see the direction that NHRA is set on, you might need to borrow my glasses.. NHRA caters to Top Fuel, JFR and DSR in particular, and are only concerned with that part of the show, and what they need to keep fans in the seats during the turn around time between rounds.. and I'm not pulling any punches here when I say that John Force controls NHRA!!!

    In the very near future, National Events will consist of the two Top Fuel classes, Pro Mod, Factory Shoot Out (YOUR NEW PRO STOCK), Top Dragster, and Top Sportsman.. they may include Stock and Super Stock if they need more fillers, but I'm not really feeling too sure about that right now.. or they will just bring in jet cars, or Benny the Bomb type acts to entertain the crowd, along with their jugglers, and t-shirt shooting fiasco... and you can mark my words, that the pit space created by this Pro Stock move will be taken up by TS and TD cars..

    NHRA did away with Pro Stock Truck, back in the day, for bullshit reasons.. and NOW, they just put 50%, at least, of the Pro Stock competitors on the shelf.. JUST LIKE THAT!!.. the question is WHY??

    This situation has nothing to do with index, proper setting of indexes, or even combining classes to have better racing.. this all about MONEY.. tell me why any new blood will spend two hundred grand, or easily more, for a race car, then add toter-home, trailer, travel expenses, entry fees, crew passes, etc, etc, for a paycheck of less than two grand.. it's all about MONEY, and NHRA doesn't want to part with it.. dropping eight qualifying spots in Pro Stock takes less money out of there pockets at the end of the day..

    The only thing that NHRA want to do with Comp, is take the money.. no more qualifying money.. entry fees go up.. payouts NEVER go up.. might just be time to take the show someplace else.. the Jeg's races were a good platform.. maybe that NEW IHRA guy needs a jingle... IMAGINE THAT!!!

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