Tom Martino wins at Reading

Discussion in 'The Comp Buzz' started by deuces wild, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. deuces wild

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    Nov 2, 2010
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    Tom won last year too. Maybe he should get out more. Ken Voight has a bad ride too. Martino power.

    MOHNTON, Pa. - Results of final, round 4 eliminations in Competition Eliminator at the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series, 34th annual Dodge NHRA Nationals:
    Car#-Driver(Opp'nt)-RT-----ET-- Speed-----Car#-Driver(Opp'nt)-RT-----ET-- Speed
    1869 Jay Schonberger 186 Tom Martino
    E4 0.243 8.184 160.94 ****WINNER**** 0.030 8.652 147.13
    I/A Index: 8.67 (+/-): -0.486 H/A Index: 9.19 (+/-): -0.538
    Prior rounds:
    E3 (F Aragona Jr) 0.106 12.231 3.561 (J Carnascial) 0.012 8.681 -0.599
    E2 (C Piston ) -0.025 11.899 3.229 (A Ackerman ) 0.024 8.772 -0.548
    E1 (F Affronti ) 0.100 8.168 -0.642 0.077 9.304 -0.016
    Qualified: #4 8.196 -0.614 #1 8.646 -0.674

    3:23 p.m. - Weather conditions: air temperature 82 degrees, relative humidity 59 percent, barometer 29.61 inches, adjusted altitude 2,476 feet, track temperature 118 degrees.

    Martino was quicker off the starting line and stayed out in front the whole way down the track to win the Comp Eliminator title here this weekend. This is the second year-in-a-row that Martino won Comp here at Maple Grove.
  2. Wes Leopold

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    Sep 22, 2016
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    Congrats to Tom & Ken ! Nice job on back to back wins !
  3. dragracer57

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    Feb 9, 2007
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    congrats Tom good job 2 years in a row... impressive..
  4. Charlie Yannetti

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    Jan 25, 2006
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    Definitely an impressive showing by Team Voight, and a great job by Tom Martino.. the car was fast, and the driver was great.. always one of my D1 heroes.. I wonder if Tom can just come out, and win at will??... now THAT could be interesting... GREAT JOB GUYS!!!
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    Tommy Who? Really, You are sure given that grumpy OLD Italian a lot of credit. Ok the one thing about Tommy he doesn't just talk it, he walks it. I have been doing this way to long and he is the best engine builder/Friend I could ask for. His one down fall is he just cares too much. I love him for that but i know he looses sleep over 2-3 horse power.
    They don't come any better. I am proud to have his decal on my car. Ok, on the other side he keeps telling me I suck and he should drive, maybe I should try it because I do suck but having fun, If i did not associate with the guys around me (including Tommy) I would have quit by now.
    Also not to leave out Ken, he gives him one hell of a car. Awesome job all of you.
    Hey where are those other two goofs that always chime in, I thought for sure they would be commenting on a better way by now.

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