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    Read carefully selling my suncoast 33 chevy street roadster its race ready in my garage it has a v6 class C/SR it ran 8,33 on a 905 index splayed valve coan 2 piece convertor pro trans gleason 9,5 m/w 40 spline lamb brakes and struts msd grid carbon drive shaft ///////////////////also a fresh and that means new rods billit pistons valves springs retainers its at Martino race engines ready to go together and dyno this engine went 7,99 in D/EA /////////////////////also a all brand new never finished Browell short deck block all squared and lifter bushing done cam tunel done 65 mill cam kings knifed crank rods billit pistons heads all done with tit valves rockers huges 1,4 intake valve covers front drive browell dist steffs pan all brand new ////////////the car ran with a 5 speed and ran 7.63 173.00 mph in A/SR ran in B/SR ran 762 with v8 this is a safe car drives like a caddy its had great drivers in it Bertozzi./robb/cultra/zane /////this car won multi national events and divisional races it is a very competive car i always had new pieces and the best parts avaiable take it all for 75,000 as soon as posible a cheap investment if you want to run comp please please be serious if you call the car has a good reputation thanks vinny 6314459568 or email me P.S the body is a little rough im not a show man im a racer so keep that in mind
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