Wanted to Buy: Racepak V-net Cables and Tee Connectors

Discussion in 'InsideCompRacing.com Old Classifieds' started by dlgerard, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Posted December 09, 2012 07:38 PM
    I have most of my sensors for my V300 and am looking for some reasonablly priced RacePak Tee connectors and/or cables. If you have any laying around, let me know what you have and what you will need for them.


    You get rid of stuff you don't need and I get stuff I do need. Everyones happy

    I'm still looking for reasonabley priced:
    - 8" Shock Travel Sensor kit [like 280-KT-SHKTRVR kit or 230-VM-AN-5V connector].
    -Single Channel V-Net A/F module 230-VM-AF
    -V-Net analog connectors for 5vdc 230-vm-pt-5v


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