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    Foster Racing Comp Parts Sale

    List has been updated
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    2018 Vintage 48' Trailer with Living Quarters

    Lots of lookers but nobody with money yet. If your serious let's make a deal that works for you and me. Mike Foster 605-690-5585
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    As title says looking for a Blue DEWCO pinion support for a small pinion 9" What's out there??? Mike Foster 605-690-5585
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    ISO Dewco 9" pinion support

    As title says, looking for one of the Blue Dewco 9" pinion supports for small pinion. What's out there??? Mike Foster 605-690-5586
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    2018 Vintage 48' Trailer with Living Quarters

    As title says 2018 48' Vintage Outlaw with Living Quarters, White in color, 12" extra height (7' 6") total, beaver tail floor with 3' rear door flap, spring assist rear door opens & closes real easy, 60 gal fresh water, 40 gallon gray water & 30 gallon black water, black rubber coin floor...
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    2024 D5 Comp Bonus Fund

    That's Awesome Michael!!!
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    ISO One 17" dragster wire wheel

    Yep looking for one Alkront 17" wire wheel for dragster front. Mike Foster 605-690-5585 I found a set :):):)
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    ISO Star Electric Vacuum Pump

    Found one Thanks. ICR
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    ISO Star Electric Vacuum Pump

    Like title says, looking for Star Electric Vacuum Pump Doesn't have to be latest & greatest or even work, it's for a project What's out there Text pics & info to 605-690-5585 Mike Foster
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    $250,000.00 Comp Eliminator Challenge

    Lynn Engles called me & suggested for 2 to 10 fellow racers go together & split a sponsorship. Anybody know any fellow racers that may want to pool a sponsorship???? Mike Foster
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    Entry fees should be required for CEBF for 2024!

    Would this $500 CEBF fee be on top of regular race entry fee? Mike
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    prayers needed

    Heal fast Casey Prayers sent
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    Hi Gator, just curious who you are?? Have we spoke at the races? Thanks Mike :):):)

    Hi Gator, just curious who you are?? Have we spoke at the races? Thanks Mike :):):)
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    SOLD!!!! GRP Rods & Wrist Pins SOLD!!!!

    10 GRP rods 6.170 long for Honda Rods NEW IN BOX pin fit to 8 Coated Titanium wrist pins .930 $1000 buys it all SOLD!!!! SOLD!!!! Mike Foster Text or pics 605-690-5585
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    302" Motor,Comp,SuperStock

    MOTOR IS SOLD!!!! Former C/ED 302" Patterson motor Braswell legal 750 carb Hogan manifold Rons 615X heads rolled to 13* freshened by Chad Speier Racing Heads Jesel belt drive & rockers New Pac springs Total Seal rings New Bullet cam & Morel lifters New Bowtie block 4.00 bore X 3.00 stroke...
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    P.I. C.I. Mineshaft

    It sure would be interesting to know what the back door meeting that didn't include the SRAC reps was about & what was discussed and for who's benefit????????????????? Mike Foster Comp 5292 C/DA & B/DA
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    Foster Racing Comp Parts Sale

    Racepak V300 with user key & was just updated by Racepak, comes with oil sensor, v-net cable, driveshaft sensor & 1.875 magnetic ring for yoke or coupler. Also comes with download cable & spare main harness & what ever misc stuff I have for it. $1150 Shipped Titanium 40 spline on both ends of...