2024 D5 Comp Bonus Fund

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Dec 26, 2007
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We plan to continue the D5 Comp Bonus Fund in 2024 and hope you will continue your support or become a sponsor. In discussions with sponsors, we have decided to have 2 levels of sponsorship opportunities –
  • $500 sponsorship level – This level will be the same as we did in 2023. Your logo will appear on the brochure provided to the racers and fans, your name will be mentioned at the races over the PA system at divisional events during Competition Eliminator qualifying and/or eliminations, you will be provided with a special “sponsor” decal, and your name will appear on the race recaps after every divisional event posted to insidecompracing.com and the D5 Comp Bonus Fund Facebook page.
  • $1,000 sponsorship level – This level will have the same benefits as the $500 level, with the addition of a sponsor spotlight on the D5 Comp Bonus Fund Facebook page. We have secured the assistance of an individual who works in sports marketing to assist us in having a larger social media presence. This will help promote the sponsors to a bigger audience.
Currently, the following companies or individuals have signed up for 2024 -

Harris Race Cars
Panhandle Performance Engines
Foster Racing
CTech Manufacturing
Indy Gear, LLC
Beyer Racing Engines
Compton CPA Group, P.C.
Metro Construction, Inc.
VP Racing Fuels
Dakota Speed Lab
Arrow Components
Jesel, Inc.
Browell Bellhousing, Inc.
T&E Enterprises
Engels Automotive, Inc.
Linder Electric
Central Truck Equipment
Ron's Automotive and Tire
Industrial Electric Co
A-1 Performance Transmissions & Converters
Jenkins Racing
Coan Engineering
Lynn Engels
Jerry Bickel Race Cars
I70 and Harlan Towing
Patterson Elite
FOGGIT High Performance Fogging Oil

Total sponsorship commitment to date is $20,500. Hoping to surpass the 2023 total of $22,000.

We would appreciate your sponsorship and hope you are willing to be a part of the fund for 2024. Please let us know by March 29, 2024, if you are interested in being a sponsor. Once we have secured the sponsors for 2024, we will finalize the brochures, payouts, rules, and special prizes for the upcoming Division 5 races.

Please reach out to Michael at 417-437-1669 or [email protected].


Michael Compton
Matt Harris
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As can seen by the original post, we have hit $20,500 in sponsorship. Anyone wanting to sponsor that we have not spoken to, please reach out as we would love for you to be part of the fund for 2024.
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