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Nov 28, 2018
    1. Craig Bourgeois
      Craig Bourgeois
      I couldn't be happier for a fellow racer & a great group of people! Way to go!
    2. Adger Smith
      Adger Smith
      Re: who


      Originally Posted by Adger Smith
      Mike, is Comp 3089 James Kershaw?
      He must be a buddy of yours.. :~)

      The man I know who uses comp3089 is Dave Heinnman,from Melbourne AU
    3. Adger Smith
      Adger Smith
      Dick PM reply:
      You have a few of your "Facts" wrong. There is another party involved in the deal than Paul. Yes, I know who Craig is. I have several PM's and E-mails from him about this car deal. I've helped him before and he has helped me sell parts to the Aussies. People doing business Downunder don't need the problems of a few trashed and aired in public. There is way more to this than what meets your eye or what is on top of the surface. The best thing for The ICR Forum & Craig and Ted is for you and all the other members to stay out of their business.
      BTW: You might try going to the Yellow Bullet forum. Your posts here and your attitude would fit in very well there.
      Adger Smith
    4. Adger Smith
      Adger Smith
      Sent to Guitar:
      OK Wynne,
      You didn't listen to me. I've ask you nicely to consider what you posted and how it affected the ICR Forum. We are here to further Comp Racing. What good did your post about Ray V's Dragster do? You just couldn't help piling on. If you like this kind of thing get off & go to Yellow Bullet Forum.
    5. guitar builder
      guitar builder
      if you are coming to belle rose, and break down, get lost, or need directions, i'm at 225-341-0504 to help you, not asking you to call me, hope some racin luck comes your way this weekend, thanx for towin down this way too/wynne, hope to get to meet you this weekend
    6. guitar builder
      guitar builder
      whoa dude, saw where there is a major snow storm in colorado, are you gonna be able to come to baytown this weekend, surely hope so, talked with joey and jamey today/wynne
    7. Brandon Huhtala
      Brandon Huhtala
      Clint, I just replied to a thread and cant post it. It took me a half hour to type this thing can you call me 253-922-8891. I still have it on my com puter and dont want to lose it. It says i am logged in but when I try to submit it it says I am not, thanks.. Brandon
    8. Clint Neff
      Clint Neff
      Well I know NHRA has some new rules that theyve put in order in the last few years. I personally think that come elims no cameras should be used on board or on the side. Just my opinion.
    9. guitar builder
      guitar builder
      sup clint, do you know if it is legal to use a gopro camera in comp racing under the nhra rules?
    10. Clint Neff
      Clint Neff
      Ya i hear ya. Was kinda glad what happened happened cause it bogged and that slowed up RT, 60 ft and the whole run. If it hadnt im sure i wouldve been perm cic for sure. I will keep you posted if i find one of those videos too.
    11. guitar builder
      guitar builder
      i forgot, if you find that frame video, send to wynne richardson, 5923 landmor dr. greenwell springs la 70739 and i'll reimburse you for the shipping
    12. guitar builder
      guitar builder
      wow, you were knockin on permanent sacred ground against Alan Ellis, with .03 cic, and another .07 cic against Ellis, whew lord that was a brow wiper, and 9 feet at the top, his rt sealed that deal I guess. I woulda loved to have seen that run, I love Alan's car and since neff vs. kaplan/bandimere, I am definetly a Neff fan lol ^5. Great year for you I think, very happy for you and dad!
    13. guitar builder
      guitar builder
      ...did you have any luck with the norm saibene saga? i really feel for that australian guy
    14. David Billingsley
      David Billingsley
      Hello Clint, long time no see, could you please give a brother a call, any time, I have some question about coming out west to race ?
      217 519 3449 Thanks, David Billingsley
    15. Clint Neff
      Clint Neff
      Yep hes good as of now but with those two monkeys things could change lol. I sold craig my dragster that i used to run in comp 4 years ago and things went smooth. Thought there was no other thing to do but get on them for him.
    16. guitar builder
      guitar builder
      hey, congrats, any luck on helpin out this australian guy?
    17. Comp 307
      Comp 307
      Clint, awsome job in St. Louis - sorry it took so long to pass along my thoughts (been traveling on business since Monday). Guess my wife should have run over you when you got in front of my big yellow ride!!! LOL - Seriously, Great Job. Be well, Chuck H.
    18. Clint Neff
      Clint Neff
      Thanks Wynn. Ya we brought good eats and cold drinks hahaha.
    19. guitar builder
      guitar builder
      Hey Clint, Wynne here wishin ya a good weekend, hope ya get a lil racin luck, and have some good track food, lol, if ya didn't bring it and cook it, then, oh no!
    20. guitar builder
      guitar builder
      didn't we have 5 moderators until today?
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