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    1. cutta
      Hi Mr. Michael, I was hoping I could get some help from you since you are local racer here in the Fayetteville area. I was recently given some intake valves for free from another racer for my school project but these valves are oversized(in diameter) for what I need to use them for. They came out of a 5in BS nitrous engine. I need to get the valve cut down to a smaller diameter and I would like to know if you are aware of any shops in state that could do this? I figure any of the bigger shops here in the state could do it but I'm not sure whether there are any shops that are close to me since I'm currently in Fayetteville at the UofA. As always, Thanks Mr. Michael!

      The valves are 7in+ long, 2.7in diameter. They will be going into a new cylinder head design for flow testing.

      Again, I just need the valve head diameter cut down and the valve seat area of the valve cut back to a 45 degree angle and 0.08 width. Everything else on the valve is machined and ready to go. Thanks!
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