$100,000.00 to the 2022 - D4 Competition Champion

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    The 2021 Sportsman Bonus Fund was a huge success as far as bringing out the Comp Racers.
    Im looking for other racers, vendors, manufacturers, engine builders etc. to step up and be a part of the 2022 program with me. In 2021, I invested over $250K for all the Sportsman Classes combined.
    My goal for 2022 is to have a Prize Fund of $200K or more for the Comp Racers.
    Im willing to put up a $100K in 2022 but I expect others to step up with at least another $100K.
    I know theres plenty of other racers and business owners that can afford to be and should be involved in this program. We all saw what a great success it was in 21, lets keep it going.
    Since 10th place will again pay $10,000 in 2022, Im suggesting that $10,000 to be the least amount required to be a participant in this program. I dont think thats unreasonable.
    If we get $300K in commitments for the 2022 program - the 2022 D4 Comp Champion will get $100,000.00.

    Everyone who comes to this site is definitely a Comp Fan and wants to see the class thrive.
    Its going to thrive with participation and exposure.
    This program generates both (along with a little drama sometimes).
    This site is here for one reason. The love of the class !!!!
    Everyone who reads this is encouraged to be a part of the 2022 program either by writing a check or getting someone else to be a part of it by doing so.
    We all know someone that needs to be and can afford to be a part of this.

    Anyone thats interested send me a email, text or give me a call.
    rodger@rooftectx.com or 713-444-3990.

    I have several things in the works as far as getting this program the exposure it deserves in 2022.
    Its going to be incredible year!

    New Name for 2022
    Competition Eliminator 2022 Bonus Fund

    Disclaimer - Im only putting up the $100K if the other $100K is committed - for a Total of $200K.
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    Can't get anymore exciting than this!! Awesome news!!
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    Roger I thankyou for all of your effort and generosity . I hope this plan comes together as you have planned and that others that are capable will be willing to get involved.. Good luck
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