2022 Comp Eliminator Bonus Fund $300K Payout Breakdown

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    The Coolest and most Diverse Class in NHRA Drag Racing!!!

    2022 D4 Competition Eliminator Bonus Fund
    Division Champion - $100,000.00
    Runner Up - $50,000.00

    3rd Place - $25,000.00
    4th Place - $25,000.00
    5th Place - $25,000.00
    6th Place - $25,000.00

    7th Place - $15,000.00
    8th Place - $15,000.00
    9th Place - $10,000.00
    10th Place - $10,000.00

    Attention All Comp Racers and Comp Fans !!!
    Sponsors are still needed.
    Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of something that has never been done before.
    All Sponsors will receive a Front Page Full Story promoting their Company on
    Drag Racings Internet Magazine for 1 Week!
    With almost 7,000,000,000 Views a Year,
    This exposure will truly benefit your company beyond anyone's expectations.

    For Information
    Contact Rodger Brogdon at: rodger@rooftectx.com
    This Program is based on the total amount of money being committed by additional sponsors, to be at least $200K.

    ROOFTEC has committed a $100,000.00.
    start at $10,000.00.

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