Benefits of being a 2022 D4 Comp Eliminator Bonus Fund Sponsor

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    First and foremost Benefit is - its Supporting the Class we all Love!

    How its going to work!
    The program is $10,000.00.
    Payment is not due until November 1, 2022.
    Everyone is required to sign a letter of intent. It states the $10K will be paid by the due date of 11/01/2022. The biggest exposure for everyone is a front page story / article on Bobby Bennett's website -
    His site is actually more popular and has more visits than the NHRA.
    He has almost 7 Million visits per year. (about 20,000 per day)
    They (Competition Plus) will contact you by phone for your story.
    You'll be able to tell everyone about your company, its history and the products and services you offer.
    Your story will also remain on the site for months after it has ran as a feature story.
    Plus your brochures will be available at the track for anyone thats interested in your products.
    Im planning on running a program at the track to collect contact information from other racers and fans (if the NHRA doesn't object). We will develop and maintain a master email list which will be available to all sponsors after each race if requested. Bob Unkefer is brought in to all D4 Events as the lead announcer. As you may know, most if not all LDRS are live on NHRA TV and Bob does a tremendous job at promoting Comp Eliminator. Im planning on giving him ad copy of 2 to 3 sponsors per event for him to promote each time Comp is running.
    The program is really taking off and Id love to have you on board.
    Thanks again!

    Contact me at

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