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    Howdy Folks!

    The Comp Bonus Fund needs your help!

    If you can’t be a sponsor, there are still many ways for you to help out.

    For all Division 4 racers:

    We have a lot of racers wanting to come down to compete in the best division (no bias here) and we want to help them out. Please reply below if you have any of the following to offer:
    1. Rig storage between races (great if you have a lot of land)
    2. Food at events (Friday and Saturday meals for 30-50 people at each event, for example, the Hudson’s are doing a jambalaya at Belle Rose)
    3. Overnight stays at your house for teams if you are near a track or an airport

    -Could create a sign up genius for meals at each divisional
    -Arrange rig parking through this site, post your availability, location and contact information below!
    -If you have extra space at your house and you want a foreign exchange racer, offer up any extra rooms you might have

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