Comp WFO Qualifying 2023

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    I am excited to announce that Comp WFO Qualifying will be in place at all NHRA Division 4 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series events in 2023. Rodger Brogdon, Rooftec, has decided to continue the financial support of Comp racers for the benefit of the fans and racers who love to keep the throttle WFO on every pass, especially those In qualifying. The format and the payout will remain the same as in 2022. Ashton Hudson and the Hudson family will continue to donate their time and effort’s to the program.

    Comp WFO Qualifying directly paid out $13,500 to racers in 2022. Each winner and runner up in the A and B Fields also got a framed picture of their car with WFO signage ($900 value) and Social Media posting of their efforts. Thanks to Ed Carpenter for his contribution of many bottles of liquor to the winners and r/u's. This is for 2 runs in qualifying! This is a tremendous benefit to all involved.

    The rules are simple, all you have to do to participate is:

    1) be at the the event
    2) run in your assigned lane against your assigned competitor
    3) be in the first 3 pair if you are assigned to be in the first 3 pair.

    I look forward to working with you again in 2023. Just remember to kill the tree and run it WFO to the stripe!

    Ashton Hudson
    Program Director
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    Thanks Ashton for your continued support for comp. elm. Also thanks to Mr. Ed Carpenter for his contribution also....

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