Comp WFO Qualifying Dallas #1 Race Recap

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    Comp WFO Qualifying Dallas Race #1 recap

    Congratulations to the winners of the Comp WFO Qualifying during the LODRS 4-3 event at the Texas Motorplex. The air for qualifying was superb and the performance’s matched.

    Scott “The Executive” Cashio’s path to the A-Field win began with a 7.814 -(0.716) and the win light over Clint Neff. His second round match vs Craig Bourgeois was even more impressive with a 7.801 -(0.729). With 2 wins and a combined -1.445 he was the A-Field champion. He was really happy with his performance for about 12 hours until the valves quit opening and closing the following morning. YIKES! This $1,000 is going to be buying some parts.

    Sean “The Pool Guy” Dodd dug his way to the A-Field Runner Up spot with a first session win over Rodger (our hero) Brogdon’s C/SM (no his real car wasn’t ready yet) with a 8.023 -(.677). His 2nd round opponent couldn’t make the call. Sean soloed and ran it WFO to the stripe for a 8.011 -(.690) for a combined -1.360 and the A-Field Runner Up Prize. I’m sure the Vape shop will be happy!

    Don “The Engine Builder” Thomas took home some more WFO money at this event. His first round match vs Shaun Vincent didn’t end with a win light, but, the numbers were good 7.181 -(.629). He had to win the next round and did with a 7.220 -(.590) for a combined -1.219 and the B-Field Win. At least his diesel bill was paid this weekend.

    Art “The Custom Home Builder” Hodges shifted his way to the B-Field Runner Up spot. In the first session he wasn’t able to clutch his way past Craig Bourgeois with a 7.233 -(.597). In the second session though he 2X4’ed his way past Clint Neff with a 7.223 -(607) for a combined -1.204 and the B-Field Runner Up check. Unfortunately about 0.8 seconds after the win his parachute got caught on the wheelie bar and Art ended up in the wall. He’ll have to spend the money on some new body panels. :(

    Notable non winners.

    Brian “Bellhousing” Browell ended up #1 in the field with a 7.060 -(.740) with his unreal V-6 dragster. I’m sure he will be in the 6’s this year. I can’t wait to see that! His first session didn’t go well though with a 7.506 -(.294) for a combined -1.034

    Clark “El Toro” Smiley had 2 dominating rounds with a 7.173 -(.727) and a 7.278 -(.622) for a combined -1.349. Unfortunately the WFO is not purely based on car performance, your win light has to come on first prior to combining the under the index of both rounds. I’m sure he will be in these reports at our next event (Tulsa). I’m definitely pulling for him and would love to be in the lane next to him when it happens. He can fill the ears with that ROMP, ROMP, but there is nothing like staging when El Toro is digging in the dirt.

    Keith “The Farmer” Hall also had a great first session with a 8.372 -(.708) but was unable to repeat that performance in the second session. Watching NHRA.Tv looked like some sparks flying out of the bellhousing probably was the issue. Don’t worry though, you’ll hear more on him soon.

    Thank you to all who participated and your efforts to put on a good show.
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