Comp WFO Qualifying Dallas LODRS 4-4 recap

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    The qualifying for this event was cut to one shot. The weather forecast for Sunday was rain. The whole event was shortened to one day. That meant one shot qualifying for the Comp competitors. To raise the stakes even higher that put the WFO money into the hands of those that could handle the stress of getting the car down the track, into the field and turn on a win light by beating whoever was in the lane next to them. Not only was the density altitude much worse compared to the prior WFO session the track conditions didn’t make it easy to lay down a good number. Congratulations to those that were able to come out on top with that kind of pressure.

    Keith “The Farmer” Hall was able to defeat Brad Plourd for the A-Field win in a nail biter. Keith was behind at the start with 0.073 vs Brad’s 0.046, but the trusty Red Rooster and the fine tuning by Todd and Casey got Keith to the stripe first with a 8.444 -(.636) to a 6.339 -(.591) by about 5 feet. Congratulations to the gang from Ravenna on your A-Field Win and another $1000. Keith is up to $2500 this year from the WFO Program.

    Clint “Tow Mater” Neff finally let it all hang out in the WFO session vs Steve Basgall. Clint showed everyone how it’s done in K/AA with a 7.483 -(.617) in these sub prime conditions. Clint and I-70 and Harlan Towing has a bonus program at these events. He was able to make back some of what he spent with the $500 A-Field Runner up prize. Congratulations!

    Greg “The Tree Dominator” Kamplain slapped a 0.012 on Sean Dodd. I guess he thought he was running Chris in his SC car? This is Comp Greg, don’t need a 0.012 when your car is that fast. He coupled that reaction time with a 6.939 -(.611) to take the B-Field Win. We could all use the extra $500 for Diesel, especially if you made the trip from Indiana to Dallas. Thank you for making the haul. Congratulations on your excellent performance.

    Don “The High Plains Engine Builder” Thomas (Yes that guy that has taken money home from every event) took home another check with the B-Field Runner Up. Don has figured this program out, kill the tree and run it WFO every time, which he does. He is definitely the most consistent performer in the Comp WFO Qualifying program. He coupled a 0.019 with a 7.217 -(.593) vs Taylor “I actually have a real sponsor” Chomiski. Don has taken home a total of $1750 from the program. Congratulations to Don!

    Again, many thanks to all who participated. You guys put on a great show. Spread the word that D4 qualifying is Comp at it finest, Racing WFO to the stripe. No CIC, No PI just WFO.

    Special Thank you to Vince Howell for your help in the lanes.

    Remember purchase Owens Corning Roofing products to support the program. Encourage everyone within your sphere of influence to do the same. Contractors especially.

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