Comp WFO Qualifying Houston Race Report

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    Comp WFO Qualifying Houston

    Congratulations to the winners of the Comp WFO Qualifying during the LODRS 4-2 event in Houston this past weekend.

    Scott “The Executive” Cashio managed the acquisition of the A-Field Victory in his A/SMA with a first session victory over Raymond Martin’s “1/2 a V8” K/AA with a 7.831, -0.699. In the A-Field match up against Taylor Chomiski’s “engine too big for D” D/A he nearly repeated his prior performance with a 7.844, -0.686. With 2 wins and a total of -1.385 combined under the index, Scott took the A-Field winner check of $1000 back to Bayou Country.

    Keith “The Farmer” Hall won his first session match vs Dennis Smiley’s Big Block Beast in his trusty E/SM 5 speed with a 8.435, -0.645. He then planted a both end dominance over the visiting Cody “The Kid” Lane E/SMA with a 8.394, -0.686. With 2 wins and a total -1.331 under the index he is taking $500 back to Ravenna, TX to buy some seeds.

    Don “The High Plains Engine Builder” Thomas wrenched his way to the B-Field Win with a first session loss to Taylor “didn’t we already hear about this guy” Chomiski D/A via a red light, but, still let it all hang out to a 7.245, -0.635. In the B-Field match against Martin he again ran WFO to the stripe with a 7.229, -0.651 taking 1 Win and a combined total of -1.286 under the index. $500 back to the shop.

    Kevin “Where have you been?” Self knocked the dust off the Yellow F/EA with Glen tuning up the inline 6 They lost the first session vs David “this is my territory” Nickens stealth B/AA with a 7.774, -0.546. In the B-Field session Kevin air muffled his way to victory over Jim Kimbrough’s “I’m the eventual winner” C/ED with a 7.739, -0.581 for a total combined -1.127 under the index. $250 and a probable trip to the Casino thats about a mile from the shop. JK :)

    Congratulations to you guys for your consistent and dominating performance!
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    That some funny stuff right there!! Hope to not run like crap next race so I can win some money and get made fun of!!!! Love it.
    Clark Smiley
    Oh and for Dallas I want to change your pairing system. I want to call someone out for Q1.
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    Thanks for the article and fun update on what transpired. I was there and still needed to read it here to know everything that happened. Great times and great people. Thanks Roger and all the racers for putting on a true Comp eliminator show!
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    Clark, I don't think your mom will let you call out your dad. That might cause a family divide, LOL
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