Comp WFO Qualifying Race Report Belle Rose

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    Race report for the Comp WFO Qualifying at the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Race at the No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, La.

    Thank you Rodger Brogdon and Rooftec for sponsoring the program.

    This race will be remembered for the fans present in attendance. The number of fans was amazing. I personally haven’t seen that many fans at a divisional event in a very long time. The fans were treated to some great WFO racing.

    “Bad” Brad Brewer dominated the competition in Belle Rose and was our A-Field Winner. It was a great payback from the prior year. Brad and crew made the long haul last year to this event and suffered a season ending engine failure. “Bad” Brad definitely outperformed everyone on the premises with his trusty Cobalt. In the first session he powered past Rick “Quick Draw” Brown with a -(.742). In the second session he really poured the coals to it and went -(.762). With 2 wins and a combined -(1.504) under the index Brad, Brian and crew earned $1000.00 to help with expenses for the 2300 mile trip. Congratulations!

    Jeff “Time Slip” Taylor took home the A-Field runner up prize.The Nickens Brothers tuned entry is becoming a regular winner in the series. In the first session Jeff powered to a -(.645) to get past a slowing Taylor “Three Pedal” Chomiski. In the second session he thundered to a -(.658) and turned on the win light. With 2 wins and a combined -(1.303) under the index Jeff took home the prize.

    Kevin “Flat out Fast” Duet took home the B-Field winner prize. Kevin turned on the red bulb in the first session but kept his foot in it to post a stout -(.669) effort at 191.95 mph. In the second session he slowed a little to a -(.602). With a second session win and a combined -(1.271) under the index Kevin secured more WFO money.

    Adam “The Ponchatoula Pirate” Hickey was the B-Field runner up. The first session was a rematch of the final round at the Dallas National last year when Adam needed the win to secure the $100K prize from the Rooftop Comp Bonus Fund. Scott “The Executive” Cashio got his revenge with a 0.001 light and -(.669) to beat Adam who was -(.565). In the second session Adam had a competition bye and sailed his way to a -(.580). With a second session win and a combined -(1.145) under the index Adam took home the prize.

    Comp WFO Qualifying was created for the fans, the racers, the teams, and the Comp enthusiasts. We are out there doing everything we can to provide you with something to watch. We are running it WFO with no CIC. For all of the Comp Racers in the country who do not like tightening the stripe (aka PI), we have a place for you. Come to D4, on Saturday it’s WFO, just like the old days. If you can’t be there then tune in to NHRA.Tv

    Ashton “Doc” Hudson
    Program Director

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    Thank You Ashton & Roger for the WFO program.

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    Awesome show, guys. I watched nearly every car go down the track Saturday (Friday and Sunday, too) and it was about the best Comp show you could ever see short of Indy.
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    Congrats to all of the winners, this is a very well deserving program.... GOOD JOB
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