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    Comp WFO Qualifying

    Race report for the Comp WFO Qualifying at the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Race at Thunder Valley Raceway, Noble, Oklahoma.

    Thank you Rodger "The Chairman" Brogdon and Rooftec for sponsoring the program.

    This race will be remembered for cold temps, awesome density altitude, lack of lighting in the first session and separation of drivers with intestinal fortitude vs those without. The key to winning at this event was how much “gall” you had to hold it WFO when the conditions are not optimal. If you require excellent track conditions then this was not the race for you. Many chose to sit out the first WFO session and they chose poorly.

    Jarrod “Gear Jammin” Granier was the A-Field Winner. He picked up some new HP from Don “The High Plains Engine Builder” Thomas just days before the event. He loaded that bullet in the car and took off for Oklahoma. In the first session he shifted his way to a -.637. In the second session he improved to a -.681 and in nostalgic fashion took out a Vega! WTF! Isn’t this 2023? Yes it is. Then where did a Vega come from? Amarillo apparently and we are looking forward to more from this entry in the future. With two wins and a combined -1.318 Jarrod was the best of the best. Congratulations! If you are near a Lupe Tortilla, then go and have an excellent meal there soon as they are one of the primary sponsors of the Comp Bonus Fund.

    Keith “The Farmer” Hall was the A-Field Runner Up. Keith and family are accustomed to the WFO program and have taken home a lot of the winnings in the past. Keith was in a bullfight in the first session vs Clark “El Toro” Smiley. He took the stripe with a -.595. In the second session he was able to take the win with a -.643. With two wins and a combined -1.238 under the index he was able to take some cash and Vodka back to Texas. Congratulations!

    Cali “Trailblazer” Neff was our B-Field Winner. She lit the red bulb in the first session, but in WFO fashion held the throttle to the floor for a -.530. In the second session she improved to a -.574 on a competition bye. Cali used Kevin and Glen Self “Stormin Six” power tuned by her Dad, Clint “Tow Mater” Neff to cruise to her first win in our series. Following in the footsteps of “Tow Mater” who is very familiar to our winners program. Congratulations to Cali and Crew (Brian, Gee, Adam, Kaymo and Derek). Awesome job!

    Taylor “Three Pedal” Chomiski brought out a new entry for this season and trucked his way to the B-Field Runner Up spot. In the first session couldn’t get around Shaun Vincent “Van Gough” of Nebraska despite a -.439. He made up for that in the second session with a win and a -.421. With a second session win and a combined -.860 under the index, Taylor, Gary and Ally were able to take some cash and Vodka back to Dallas. Great job in the suboptimal conditions.

    Comp WFO Qualifying was created for the fans, the racers, the teams, and the Comp enthusiasts. We are out there doing everything we can to provide you with something to watch. We are running it WFO with no CIC. For all of the Comp Racers in the country who do not like tightening the stripe (aka PI), we have a place for you. Come to D4, on Saturday it’s WFO, just like the old days. If you can’t be there then tune in to NHRA.Tv

    Special thanks to Ed “The Trooper” Carpenter for donating some excellent spirits to the program.

    Ashton “Doc” Hudson
    Program Director
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    Great report, and congrats to all winners and RU.....

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