Comp WFO Qualifying Tulsa Race Report

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    Comp WFO Qualifying

    Race report for the Comp WFO Qualifying at the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series Race at the Tulsa Raceway Park just outside of Tulsa, OK.

    Thank you Rodger Brogdon and Rooftec for sponsoring the program.

    This race will be remembered for 90+ degree temps, water grains in the 150+ range and SLOW performances. If you were 40+ under you were special. If you had to change converters, rear ends or transmissions you were praying for a little wind to comfort you. We carried on with the WFO because the show must go on.

    Clark “El Toro” Smiley captured the A-Field winner prize. In the first session he was paired with Jeff “Time Slip” Taylor. “El Toro” dug in to a 0.021 light followed by a -(.543) to take the stripe and the number one qualifying spot. The second session was stressful knowing that if you turn on the win light you were very likely to take home the $1000. Clark was paired with Keith “The Farmer” Hall and improved from his previous run to a -(.570) to secure the #1 spot and bask in the glory of a WIN and a #1. What a ride. With 2 wins and a combined -(1.113) under the index “El Toro” gored the competition. Great job!

    Craig “Make it so Number One” Bourgeois took home the A-Field runner up prize.The first session was a close one. Craig’s 0.010 vs Don “The High Plains Engine Builder” Thomas’s close 0.028. At the big end it was -(.477) for Craig vs -(.467) for Don. Great side by side WFO action. The second session was just as dramatic. Craig used a 0.022 -(.498) to take a hole shot victory over Rodger “The Chairman” Brogdon’s -(.508). With 2 wins and a combined -(1.006) under the index Craig took home some money to cover some of the diesel.

    Jeff “Time Slip” Taylor took home the B-Field winner prize for himself and Nicken’s Racing. These guy’s have been working hard and the potent B/AA combination is a player in the bonus fund. Taylor was unable to get past “El Toro” in the first session despite a strong -(.494). In the second session Jeff had a competition bye and in WFO fashion kept the pedal to the metal with a -(.504). With a second session win and a combined -(.998) under the index Jeff and the Nicken’s Boy’s got the prize. Great job guy’s.

    Don “The High Plains Engine Builder” Thomas tuned his way to the B-Field runner up. In the first session he lost that nail biter above with a -(.467). In the second session he used his skills to improve to a -(.486) taking out Adam “The Ponchatoula Pirate” Hickey. With a second session win and a combined -(.953) under the index Donnie and the family took home some spending money.

    Comp WFO Qualifying was created for the fans, the racers, the teams, and the Comp enthusiasts. We are out there doing everything we can to provide you with something to watch. We are running it WFO with no CIC. For all of the Comp Racers in the country who do not like tightening the stripe (aka PI), we have a place for you. Come to D4, on Saturday it’s WFO, just like the old days. If you can’t be there then tune in to NHRA.Tv

    Ashton “Doc” Hudson
    Program Director

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    Great job guys, congrats to all.... Sounds like it was a fun weekend..
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    Great program. Hope other divisions adopt qualifying like this, maybe even national events

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