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    Just thought I'd share a little information.After Chase's crash in Houston,Vic Custer of Eastexas Race Cars, came by the shop to look at the car.He discovered that the left front brake was not working properly therefore causing the car to take a right when Chase applied the brakes.With 350 lbs. of line pressure you couln't turn the right front,while with little effort the left turned.This is our first car with carbon brakes, so I have to plea ignorance.Lamb Components posts information on their site giving minimum thicknesses for carbon rotors as well as inner and outer pads.Ours were too thin.Not letting the caliper apply enough pressure.I wish I had known earlier.I put my son in major danger as well as seriously damaging a good race car.We worry so much about making these things fast that we sometimes overlook things like brakes.Whether this relates to any of the other crashes,I don't know.I'd just like to urge everyone to take a good look at your brake system as well as all safety devices.
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