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    Thanks to the great companies and individuals who have contributed for 2021, the D3 Comp Bonus will be paying $185 per entry at all 6 of the D3 events. As the year goes on, we also may be able to do additional bonuses based on the budget. I know personally, having your entry fee covered for each event has been a big bonus for our operation, and I can't thank enough our sponsors that keep this program going!

    Checks will be mailed via billpay after the event. If you can help, if you plan on attending a D3 event, please feel free to email me your proper mailing address to andrewphillipholt@gmail.com

    I would definitely give our sponsors a first look if you are in the market for any of their goods/services, and feel free to give them a good thanks if you see them in person. Each one of these sponsors are ambassadors for our great sport.

    The Sponsors for the 2021 Comp Bonus Fund:

    Billingsley 66 Car Wash
    Browell Bellhousing
    Liberty's Gears
    Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning LLC
    John Holt Race Cars
    CTech Manufacturing
    Indy Gear
    Jeg's Automotive
    Bullet Racing Cams
    Total Seal Piston Rings
    Coan Engineering
    Ray Skillman Auto Group
    T&E Auto Haulers
    Suburban Towing
    John Stock

    Thanks also to Bob Huettman for his organization of this fund! Best of luck to everyone this year!
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    Thanks for keeping this going, it makes a big difference....

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