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    ***UPDATED 3/22/23***

    With roots dating back to 2007, when Brian Browell and Jim Butner got together to develop the first iteration of the Division 3 Comp Eliminator Bonus Fund, we continue to see the fund grow and change in 2023!
    For this year we will be looking at a year end payout to the top points earners in this specific “D3 Comp Eliminator Points Fund” format…

    - Racers claim their best 5 races out of the 7 held in Division 3. (6 Divisional's and The Sports Nationals in Columbus)
    -The Sport Nationals points are counted the same as the Divisional Events.
    -Out of division races do not count towards the bonus fund points totals as this is not a Division 3 “top ten” purse.
    -Points are awarded using the current NHRA system along with the tie-breaker procedures.
    -Stats will be provided by Nitro Joe after each race and points will be posted.

    Currently we are set to payout $36,000 in total with the top points earner receiving a $12,500 BONUS. The list of supporters of the program has continued to grow and for any company/individual who would like to be a part of the program the books are still open. Additional funds received will be added directly into the payout. Current list of sponsors and supporters of the program includes...

    Browell Bellhousing
    Liberty Gears
    Total Seal Piston Rings
    Bullet Racing Cams
    Indy Gear
    Coan Transmission and Converters
    CTECH Manufacturing
    John Holt Race Cars
    Billingsley Racing
    Alvey Properties
    T&E AutoHaulers
    Dupps Racing
    CJ Farrell and Son
    Larry Hodge Racing Tire & Wheel
    Irvin and Gina John Racing
    Elite Motorsports
    Patterson- Elite Performance
    Ray Skillman Auto Group
    A-Plus Signs and Screen Printing (Joey Bohannon)
    Nitro Joe Drag Racing Stats
    Allen Wilson-Competition AutoBody
    John Stock
    Matt Forbes

    Anyone wishing to add their company or name to the list of supporters, or if you need answers to any questions about the program, please reach out via the D3 Comp Eliminator Points Fund Facebook page or Call/Text Andrew Holt (614-579-22O7) or Matt Forbes (270-834-O483)

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    Nice work guys!!
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    Good job guys, and thankyou to all of the sponsors .....
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    Thank you for your efforts!! Making Comp great again!!!!
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    Updates made to the total payout along with more supporters coming along to boost the monies throughout the top 10.
    A few items to call out..

    - A-Plus Signs and Screen Printing (Joey Bohannon) has offered to produce shirts for the points fund along with some banners for the tracks. As we draw closer to the season opening in the upcoming weeks we will reach a "deadline" of when supporters of the program can confirm their spot on the shirts/banners. If you have already sent money and logos, you are good to go. If you are interested in getting involved, the window is getting tight. The costs of these items will be covered by some leftover funds from the 2022 season along with a couple of hours out of Joey's "Free Time" :)

    -There has been some recent conversation around special payouts for other performances throughout the year. Examples....
    *A few have offered to pitch in smaller amounts to support a "Race within a Race" format for top four qualifiers during the 2nd and 3rd Q shots.
    *A few have also discussed paying a top qualifier bonus at each race.
    *A few have thrown-out the possibility of having a single "Quick 4" Shootout at Beech Bend. Maybe $1,5000 to win and $500 to R/U?
    *NONE of these have been discussed with our D3 Director. This is more of a "Would be cool if we could do xxxxx" and we are really just looking at options and looking for ideas.
    *The funds for this would be separate of the current Points Fund. We are committed to paying out what is posted and fulfilling our original obligations/statements around the points fund.
    -Please re-read the part about how the points are calculated for this payout. The total points come from D3 races ONLY. Out of division points will not count towards the totals for the Bonus Fund.

    From Andrew and I...This is really an awesome deal to get to be a part of and we appreciate everyone who has come onboard. Getting an extra $36,000 to help support this amazing class in our home division is really impressive. Thank you all!

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