D5 Comp Bonus Fund - Final Top 5 points and year-end payout

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    I am happy to announce the top 5 points earners and year end payout for 2023 for the D5 Comp Bonus Fund. As was detailed throughout 2023, all excess funds not paid to the racers at each race would be accumulated and paid at year end. The total accumulated throughout the year was $8,550. I elected to payout $8,500 of the funds and held back $50 to keep the bank account from going to $0.

    Those racers and the payout are as follows -

    1st place - Matt Harris - $3,300
    2nd place - Brett Speer - $2,200
    3rd place - Jim Greenheck - $1,500
    4th place - Christine Harris-Samuel - $1,000
    5th place - Casey Wagner - $500

    The top 5 were chosen to receive the payout above as they were the only racers that attended 4 or more division races for 2023. I felt it was necessary to reward those individuals for supporting over half of the available division races in 2023.

    Thank you to the following sponsors who made the D5 Bonus Fund possible in 2023 -

    Compton CPA Group, P.C.
    Panhandle Performance Engines
    Terry Ticel Motorsports
    Harris Race Cars
    Elite Performance
    Patterson Elite
    Dakota Speed Lab
    Arrow Components
    T&E Enterprises
    Double 0 Green Hand Cleaner
    A-1 Performance Trans and Converters
    Foster Racing
    Industrial Electric
    FOGGIT High Performance Fogging Oil
    Engels Automotive, Inc.
    Coan Engineering
    VP Racing Fuels
    Metro Construction
    Arrowsmith Racing
    Jesel, Inc.
    CTECH Manufacturing
    Madcap Racing Engines & Supply
    Fineline Graphics
    Gibtec Pistons
    GRP Rods
    Winberg Crankshafts
    Indy Gear
    Browell Bellhousing, Inc.
    Carter Maxwell/Goodyear Tires
    Beyer Racing Engines
    I70 and Harlan Towing
    Jerry Bickel Race Cars
    Central Truck Equipment, Inc.
    GPE Competition Starters
    Linder Electric
    Jenkins Racing

    I will be reaching out in the coming months to discuss renewal of sponsorship for 2024. If anyone is interested that did not participate in 2023, please text/call me at 417-437-1669 or send me an email to mcompton@comptoncpagroup.com.

    Again, thank you to everyone who helped make 2023 a success!

    Michael Compton

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    Thank you Michael!

    The work you put in on the bonus fund this year is so very appreciated.
    And thank you to everyone who participated in the program to help grow the class here in division 5. I hope we can all work together and make this even better for 2024.

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    Congrats, to all of the winners, and THANKYOU to all of the sponcers

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