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    With the first race fast approaching for Division 5, I am excited to announce the rules, payout, and tiebreakers for the D5 Comp Bonus Fund. As I stated when I setup this fund, I wanted 100% of the funds to be paid out to the racers. This promise holds true as the payout structure has all $21,000 being paid to the racers via a split between Division 5 races and year end points. Attached to this post you will find the rules, payout, tiebreakers, and special decals.

    My goal for the upcoming Division 5 races is to provide the announcer a flyer so the sponsors can be recognized during qualifying and eliminations. Very soon I will launch a Facebook page dedicated to the fund so the many fans and racers of Comp Eliminator can see the updated points standings and information about the sponsors.

    When you see the below sponsors at the races, please take the time to thank them for their contribution -

    Compton CPA Group, P.C.
    Panhandle Performance Engines
    Terry Ticel Motorsports
    Harris Race Cars
    Elite Performance
    Patterson Elite
    Dakota Speed Lab
    Arrow Components
    T&E Enterprises
    Double 0 Green Hand Cleaner (AMBE Ampersand Soap Co)
    A-1 Performance Trans and Converters
    Foster Racing
    Industrial Electric
    FOGGIT High Performance Fogging Oil
    Engels Automotive, Inc.
    Coan Engineering
    VP Racing Fuels
    Metro Construction
    Arrowsmith Racing
    Jesel, Inc.
    CTECH Manufacturing
    Madcap Racing Engines & Supply
    Fineline Graphics
    Gibtec Pistons
    GRP Rods
    Winberg Crankshafts
    Indy Gear
    Browell Bellhousing, Inc.
    Carter Maxwell/Goodyear Tires
    Beyer Racing Engines
    I70 and Harlan Towing
    Jerry Bickel Race Cars
    Central Truck Equipment, Inc.
    GPE Competition Starters
    Anonymous Donor

    Thank you to the many texts, emails, phone calls, and posts in support of starting the fund. I never imagined how something like this could take on a life of its own! Special thanks to Matt Harris for help on the rules/payout structure, Bliss Hudson for designing the decal for the racers/sponsors, and Nick Duty (our new Division 5 director) for his time and input.

    I will be at the race in Earlville to hand out decals and flyers supporting the sponsors. Unfortunately, I cannot be at Denver so Matt Harris will be there to hand out decals and flyers.

    Michael Compton
    D/SMA 5010

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    Good Job Racer Michael:):):)
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    Awesome job Michael!
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    Due to an issue with the font conversion on the flyer, I did not have the final flyer with me in Earlville. Thus, we added 2 sponsors over the weekend. Welcome Linder Electric and Jenkins Racing! We are now at $22,000. Their sponsorship will be added to the year-end payout.

    Be watching for a recap of the race in Earlville!
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