EXCITING UPDATES!! for the 2022 Comp Eliminator Bonus Fund!!!

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    My good friend, Bobby Bennett the owner and founder of Competition Plus - Drag Racings Internet Magazine has come on board to be a major supporter of the $300,000.00 - 2022 Comp Eliminator Bonus Fund.
    He's agreed to run a Featured Front Page Story on every sponsor of the program for 1 week.
    This is an incredible amount of exposure thats sure to benefit our programs sponsors tremendously.
    Competition Plus has more views per year than the NHRA's website.
    Almost 7 Million views a year! Over 125K a week!
    Not only will the sponsors get a Feature Story about their Company, their contact information will be on the site for the entire year. This amount of exposure incredible.

    I know many of our racers who own their own businesses can't really benefit from this type of exposure because their businesses are localized, (same with myself and RoofTec) but we all know companies that can benefit from this.
    Any company that can ship their product is a potential sponsor.

    I want to encourage everyone thats planning on racing D4 in Comp to get involved in this program.
    We've already shown what a success it can be. 2022 will be incredible if I everyone will get involved.

    FYI: They sponsorship fee doesn't have to be paid until November 1st 2022.
    (All committed sponsors will be required to sign a letter of intent)

    More exciting details to come. Ive already received several commitments to be posted soon.
    Lets GO! Come on 2022!

    Contact me at rodger@rooftectx.com or 713-444-3990
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