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    Howdy Folks! I hope everyone's getting excited for Indy cause I know I am (if you see me in a jacket mind your own business)
    Anyway, we have a bunch of cool stuff set up for next week so here's the flyer that will be put on Facebook as well as some extra information for the racers :)


    Night Drawing/Auction:
    • Everyone meet at Rodger’s hospitality tent after the last round of qualifying.
    • This will be live-streamed on our Facebook page so tell your friends to watch (and follow and like all our posts cause there's some cool videos too)
    • Racers will individually pick a number out of a bag (starting with Craig Bourgeois, finishing with Brooke Heckel), to get their ladder spot at random. Driver and car stats will be read during each drawing.
    • Once the ladder is decided, we will begin auctioning the drivers, starting with #1, then #9, and continuing down the Sportsman Ladder until we get to #16.
    Auction Specifics:
    • Starting pot is $5000, courtesy of Rodger.
    • When a driver is called to auction, people will be able to bid, minimum is $250, no max, CASH ONLY (before I hear complaints, I know for a fact y'all spend more than that on fuel with far less reward ).
    • The driver has the option to buy 1/2 of their bid to then win half the pot.
    • Whoever wins, their bidder gets the total pot, but if the driver bought 1/2, then they split it.
    • If an alternate is needed at the last minute, your bid will carry over to the alternate
    At Home Ladder Lotto:
    For all your friends and family at home, we will have a ladder lotto (think March Madness Perfect Bracket). After we draw for the ladder, I will upload a link on the Facebook page for those not in attendance at the race to submit a ladder (just provide your contact information). If you guess the correct winner, we'll ship you a t-shirt in your requested size, if you get a perfect ladder, we'll ship you a whole swag bag!

    Cash, Card and Mobile Payments Accepted!
    $25 or 5 for $100
    Limited Edition Cash Clash T-shirts
    Comp Bonus Fund T-shirts
    Racer Specific Shirts
    $5 or 5 for $20
    Poker Chips
    And More!!


    The Cash Clash Schedule (weather dependent)

    Round 1 - 12:00
    Round 2 - 2:15
    Round 3 - 4:30
    Final - 6:45

    Rule Refresher
    • There is NO PI but YES CIC
    • Will be on Fox Sports (go brag to your families)
    • For live-streaming, go to
    Award Money
    • Winner - $30,000 (plus optional Calcutta Auction earnings)
    • R/U - $8,000
    • Semi Finalists - $3000
    • 1/4 Finals - $1500
    The Racers
    ***some alternates have been added, some more could be added if people break during qualifying, last call for alternates will be an hour before Round 1 of Cash Clash

    1. Craig Bourgeois
    2. Rodger Brogdon
    3. Jeff Taylor
    4. Taylor Chomiski
    5. Rick Brown
    6. Chase Williams
    7. Brad Plourd
    8. Monty Bogan
    9. Duane Robison***
    10. Don Thomas
    11. Greg Kamplain
    12. Mike Depalma
    13. Keith Hall
    14. Sean Dodd
    15. Ashton Hudson***
    16. Brooke Heckel
    (Also hi if you're any of these people I'm going to need some promo footage of you on Tuesday so don't go anywhere)

    Next 3 Alternates:
    1. Adam Hickey
    2. Kevin Duet
    3. Cali Neff
    If you have any questions feel free to ask below! But be nice or I'll cry.

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    Going to be an amazing deal. Disappointed I can’t make it. Will be watching from home. Good luck to everyone!
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    Sounds exciting . It should be a good time for all envolved, good luck to everyone....
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    Looking forward to seeing this! Can't overstate how much a benefactor to Comp that Rodger has been and continues to be.

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