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Discussion in 'The Comp Buzz' started by Taylor Chomiski, Sep 26, 2023.

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    Hello ICR,

    Long story short, Laris Motorsports Insurance seems to be the only player in the game right now when it comes to On-Track Insurance coverage for most categories. I had an on-track policy with Laris and they have removed Comp from their list of categories where on-track insurance is an option for 2024. If you have a current on-track policy, you are grandfathered, but after your current term you will be non-renewed.

    Things happen, they happen out of your control sometimes, and they happen FAST!

    I met and spent some time with the owner of Laris Motorsports Insurance, Holden Laris, at the Divisional last week in Tulsa. He is not by any means opposed to reinstating Comp for on-track insurance, but it comes down to participation. I spoke to a good majority of racers in Comp who were at the Tulsa Double and have at least 10 cars who would be interested in insuring their car (or cars) in 2024. The more participation we can get, the better the premiums and deductibles will be. If we don't have enough, it wont be an option unless someone else comes into the market.

    I don't want to go down the track without coverage, and you should not either. I hope nothing happens to anyone, and I hope if something unfortunate does happen, you have the money to cover repairs, but why? Before I signed up in 2022 I heard all of the horror stories, how expensive it was, how much deductibles were, you don't get paid anyway, but I can tell you first hand, all FALSE. My experience with Laris was absolutely fantastic and I want to do everything I can to get Comp reinstated for on-track coverage.

    If you are interested, shoot me a message here, give me a call/text, Facebook, etc. and I will add you to my list of definite or maybe's before I meet with Holden again in a few weeks. I don't have hard numbers for policy premium, deductibles, etc for 2024, that will all be determined by the amount of policies and if we can get the class reinstated, but if you want to give me a call or shoot me a text I'm happy to share my experience, and all details involved. Trust me, it makes sense. You insure for what you want (Car, Engine, Trans), not what anyone "thinks" it should be worth like traditional Auto insurance.

    If you buy valve springs, you can afford coverage.

    Please share this as you go to races throughout your divisions, or if you are done for the season, hopefully Division Reps can take charge to share and assist me in getting a count of interested Comp racers.

    Any questions, let me know. See some of you in Dallas and good luck to everyone at all races! Let's continue the effort to make Comp the best its ever been!

    Taylor Chomiski - taylor@5233enterprises.com - (806) 570-1207
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    Good post Taylor, it gives a lot of racers something to consider.. I hope you came out of this deal OK...Good luck on your racing future.
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    Thanks for the info Taylor. I'll have to check with our rep Carrie Lerke as we have coverage until July 2024. After an on track incident in 2019 with out insurance that was very costly. I want to make sure that we are covered now.
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    Bill Lutz out of Ohio use to do on track insurance. He races a blown door car. Search him on Facebook. Also I believe haggeryy offered on track., not sure

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